Vasque Men's Breeze 2.0 GTX Hiking Boot Video


We are taking a look at the Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX. This is the men’s version of this boot and it is going to be a great option for anybody that is looking to do day hiking, looking for something to wear kind of on and off all day long all the way up to long day hikes including some ultra light back packing. So the upper in this boot is a leather and fabric construction and so you get some great durability out of the leather here. And this mesh fabric is not nearly as fragile as you may think it is. I have had a couple of pairs of these boots and they have held up really well including this mesh material. And what it does is it offers some improved breathability as well as flexibility to the boot for a more comfortable fit. It does incorporate gortex so you don’t need to worry about water seeping in through the-se holds. You have got a gortex booty in there. It is going to keep your foot nice and dry. You can take a look. You have got a full lacing system here. If you have got four web-bing eyelets at the bottom and you have got three metal eyelets at the top here. When we unlace the boot here you can see that it does have a gusseted tongue so you have got that gortex protection coming through the whole front of the lacing system and up the sides here. Does have a nice opening, though. You can really kind of work the opening there and get your foot in and you will see there is some nice mesh wicking ma-terial around the tongue as well as the inside of the boot for some comfort against the an-kle. So improved reinforcements here, Vasque does have a rubber toe cap and the sole wraps up over a little bit with some tread so you get good reinforcement there as well as at the heel of the boot you have got that rubber reinforcement and a small hand tab in case you need some help working it on to your foot. Underfoot you have got a nice thick layer of EVA rubber here. That is going to offer a good cushion and support, that feeling that you want to get out of your boot. It is one of the things that makes this boot in particular so nice and so comfortable. It has got a great out of the box feel. There is rarely ever blisters involved. There is not really a break in period to it. And it feels a lot like wearing a sneaker, or at least as close to that feel as it is going to come with wearing a hiking boot. You can see this lighter layer here. Vasque includes a little bit of a harder material under foot. That is just going to do... offer that protection you are looking for from rocks and roots under the foot as well as give some more protection and support through the middle of the foot. On the outsole here you can see Vasque has a nice {?} out sole with a pretty good ag-gressive lug pattern here. And it is self cleaning and you have got some nice breaking bars built into that traction on the heel and the toe of this boot as well. So a final note I would like to make about this boot, again, it is the Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX. It does replace the old Breeze GTX which is a great boot for Vasque. It is a really good option of anybody that is looking for a light weight boot to do hiking or ultra light back packing in. Vasque has made some good upgrades to the materials as well as the visuals on this boot. And it has only improved the capability of this boot. And I think it makes it an even better buy than the old one was.


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