Tubbs FLEX TRK Snowshoe Video


The upgraded features on the men’s and women’s FLEX TRK make this compact design the perfect choice for trail hikers. The flexible, single piece deck and active lift 16-degree heel lift will let you explore further. The FLEX Tail featured on all models in the FLEX series, allows your foot to roll naturally from heel to toe, in turn reducing stress on your ankles, knees and hips. The torsional flexibility throughout the whole snowshoe adapts to terrain under foot, maintaining several points of contact between the traction elements and the snow. The rotating toe cord design lets the tail of the snowshoe drop, shedding show and minimizing the amount of weight you drag. And the rotation-limiter prevents over-rotation. The quick-flex binding is an easy-to-use two-buckle system that ensures a precise fit around your boot. Control wings keep your ankle aligned with the rest of the snowshoe and a rubber heel strap keeps your foot in place. The 16-degree active lift heel lift is an essential feature. It’s tailored for performance on moderate terrain keeping your foot level on steeper slopes and reducing calf fatigue and Achilles tendon strain while walking. 3-D curve traction rails ensure superior side heel grip in hard-packed and icy conditions. And the curve shape helps prevent slippage on steep terrain. The FLEX TRK has all of the important features that you could ask for in a snowshoe.


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