Tubbs FLEX Snowshoes Flex Tail Video


The most notable feature from the Flex Series is the Flex Tail. The Flex Tail acts in two ways. First it absorbs shock from heel strike, lessening the amount of stress on your foot, ankles, knees, and hips. Second, it allows you to have a nice rounded natural follow through, like you would in a normal shoe over ground. If you imagine a conventional rigid snowshoe, you have a heel strike that happens here and then the snowshoe essentially acts as a lever, pulling your foot forward quickly and awkwardly. It makes you walk strangely and it is very uncomfortable so most people compensate by shuffling. The Flex Series Snowshoes, however, let you have a heel strike and a nice rounded step and follow through, which is going to let you snowshoe longer and farther with less stress on your body.


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