TrekSta Women's Evolution II Trail Shoe Video


Today we are going to take a look at some multi sport trail running shoe. This is the women’s version of the TrekSta Evolution II. And, like I said, I mean, it definitely fits in that category of being a trail runner, but I would consider this to be a multi sport shoe based on the way the package under foot is put together. So before we get into the details of the Evolution II, I would like to cover a little bit of basics about TrekSta fit design. Their design is called nest fit. And what they have done is they have measured like 20,000 different types of feet and built the last, which is the model that the shoe is designed around no those measurements. This nest fit design is de-signed to fit as close and comfortably to the foot as possible. So you don’t have a lot of extra space and a lot of slipping and moving going on. And we can point out some things here that are pretty detailed that might look a little funky, but really offer that superb nest fit. So that nest fit design is kind of based off of this big toe and you can see that it is reflect-ed in the way the out sole is wrapping up over the toe here. But it is pretty ergonomic and pretty designed to fit naturally with the shape of the foot itself. So you will find that through the upper of the shoe as well as the insole which also has a contoured pattern to it that is going to be designed to match up with the bottom and the shape of your foot there. And you will find this into the mid sole and the outsole as well. The shoe is a triple density EVA mid sole. You can see that here. So you are going to get some great cushion as well as some stiffness and protection underfoot and then the out-sole is a unique design from TrekSta so you have got ice lock hyper grip technology where you see these triangles with the little stripes built into them. These are super, super grippy material against your typical rubber that you find on the bottom of any sort of a trail shoe, which gives you a really fantastic traction on a variety of different surfaces, but particularly on rocks and this stuff can even function pretty well on slippery surfaces and maybe even ice. The upper construction on the Evolution II, as you can see here, is a combination of syn-thetics and mesh. This shoe is not waterproof, but you have got really fantastic breath-ability everywhere you see these mesh panels kind of wrap all the way around the shoe here. So it is going to be great for trail running or light hiking in hot weather. You have got a full lacing system. The tongue is not gusseted. So it is a free floating tongue so it is comfortable and easy to move around and adjust to the foot and the asymmetry of your foot. Just a couple of reinforcements here along the back. You have got some heavier material, a toggle to pull the shoe on and then on the front here you have got that kind of toe bumper where the outsole wraps up for some extra protection. So, again, Evolution II is a good trail runner or a light weight trail shoe. There is definite-ly some good rigidity built into the sole. And there is a TPU heel counter here so you are getting good support and structure through the ankle as well. And just as a final fun note, when you purchase this shoe, it does come with two pairs of laces and two different col-ors so you can deck it out in whatever style you see fit.


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