TrekSta Men's Evolution II Trail Shoe Video


We are checking out the TrekSta Evolution II. This is the men’s version of this shoe. It is a trail runner or a light hiker multi sport shoe. Before we get into the details of this shoe I would like to talk a little bit about TrekSta’s nest fit design. TrekSta has basically measured like 20,000 different pairs of feet and in-corporated all that dating information into what the average human foot looks like. They have based their entire she design around that nest fit. So it is a very close fit. It is very comfortable and it is very contoured. It is designed to fit the foot very snugly in and out of all the different contours and eliminate any sort of rubbing or hot spots that would normally occur. So the nest fit design is kind of... starts with the big toe and you can get a bit of a look at it here the way the out sole wraps up over toe with its shoe. It is very contoured around the big toe, the other four toes. You will find this over contouring throughout the upper of the shoe as well as through the mid sole and that insole which is going to match up with the bottom of your foot. Under foot you will find triple density EVA. So you are going to get some good cushion support out of this as well as structure under foot. And the out sole of this shoe is very unique to the TrekSta designs. You have kind of got your typical trail running shoe rub-ber here, but then where you see these little triangles with the stripes in it, this is ice lock hyper grip out sole design. These little panels are designed to be super, super grippy. They are ... give you superb traction on a wide variety of different types of terrain. But in particular they function really well on the slipper rock, lose rock and ice. The upper construction on the Evolution II, as you can see here, is a combination of syn-thetics and mesh. Fantastic breathability you are going to get out of this shoe. So it is go-ing to be great for hot weather and summer time use. It is not water proof design, so you are definitely not going to get any waterproofness out of it. It is not really want it is meant for. You have got a full lacing system. And the tongue is not gusseted. It is free floating. So you get a lot of adjustability there and movement to match with the asym-metry of the your foot. For further reinforcement, as I mentioned earlier, you can see the outsole wraps up over the toe of the shoe and then on the back there his a TPU heel counter in here so you get some good rigidity and structure through the ankle of the shoe as well as some external reinforcements here. So that is the Treksa Evolution II. Again, trail runner to multi sport light hiker. Great for warm weathers. Offers great support as well as great fit. And just a final note that when you buy the shoe it does come with two different sets of laces and two different colors so you can deck it out in whatever style you see fit.


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