Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Sleeping Pad Video


Ideal for first-time campers and budget-conscious backpackers, the Therm-A-Rest Trail Scout provides reliable, self-inflating performance at an affordable price. Manufactured in Seattle, Washington, the Trail Scout has a 1 ¼ inch thick self inflating foam core that provides a nice, comfortable sleeping base. The fabrics on the Trail Scout have a really nice tactile feel to them that help to contour to your body during the night and make it a really nice, comfortable base. A streamlined profile, compact pack dimensions are definitely a backpacker-friendly option for 3-season use. Therm-A-Rest does include a stuff sack with this sleeping pad – making it even more of a value. Therm-A-Rest does recommend that you store any self-inflating pad with the integrated valve open. When they ship the pads, they are in a compressed state, so when you purchase a self-inflating pad, it’s recommended that you open that valve and give the pad 24 hours or whatever time you can give it open, so that foam can rebound a little bit and get to something closer to full inflation.


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