Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Sleeping Pad Video


The innovative Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite is an excellent option for ultralight 3-season backpacking. This is a regular length of the NeoAir Xlite, measuring 20 inches wide by 72 inches long. There is a nice depth to the pad at 2 1/2 inches deep gives you a nice plush sleeping base. It weighs in at only 12 ounces in the regular length. Inside this pad there is a reflective barrier that runs right down the middle or the interior of this pad. This actually throws some of your body heat back your direction to keep you much warmer than you would be on many uninsulated inflatable sleeping pads. It has a R value of 3.2 which is certainly usable for 3-season usage. The NeoAir Xlite does use an inflatable design so you will have to inflate it at the end of your day. the nozzle here at the end is easy to open and it is pretty easy a pretty easy inflation. The tapered design of this not only cuts down on weight, but it also decreases the space that you need to fill with air when you are inflating it. You can blow it up to its fullest dimensions and when you are laying on the pad you can reach back an open the valve to let a little air out if you prefer to sink into the pad a little bit. Therm-a-Rest adds some additional value on the Xlite. They include a custom cut stuff sack that gets this down to about 9 by 4 inches. they also throw in a fast and light repair kit, should you encounter any emergency needs out on the trail.


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