Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Trekker Inflatable Pad Video


This is the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Trekker sleeping pad. This innovative, inflatable sleeping pad is a great balance of light weight design, packability and comfort that makes it ideal for three season backpacking. One of the things visually that sets the NeoAir pads apart from traditional inflatable sleeping pads are these horizontal baffles. So, again, traditional pads you would see a lesser number of what I am calling vertical baffles, similar to a pool raft. And sleeping on them felt a little bit of like sleeping on a pool raft. It could be a little bouncy, a little unstable. These horizontal baffles take that out of play. Much more stable sleeping base here, much more comfortable sleeping base because of those horizontal baffles. Internally out of view you aren’t seeing there is an internal truss system inside here. So kind of stacked structuring. Built into that is radiant heat technology. So unlike traditionally hollow, inflatable sleeping pads, you actually have a material that is taking your body heat and casting it back up towards you and making this a warmer option than other uninsulated inflatable pads. There is no insulation here, just a reflectivity that brings that warmth back to your direction. It grants the NeoAir Trekker a 3.0 R value which is why this pad certainly can be used in at least three seasons. It is an inflatable pad. What I love about it being an inflatable pad, it packs down very small when it is deflated. When inflated you have got a full two and a half inches of thickness and it certainly diminishes weight. We are looking at the regular length of this pad, 20 inches wide, 72 inches long. Know that the pad also comes in a large which is 77 inches long and 25 inches wide. Of note on the inflatable design, obviously, you have got to blow it up. By mouth is the intended use there. You can purchase a pump sack. There are some other pieces that can be utilized to blow it up without you having to do so by mouth, but those items are sold separately. Something to note on the inflatable pad. I think the natural tendency, certainly one I have is to blow a pad of this sort up as much as you can, which makes it really firm. And if you like that, great. I do find that it is a bit more comfortable if I actually let a little air out of the pad. So once I have fully inflated it and am laying on the pad itself, you can just reach over your shoulder, let a little air out of that valve, sink into the pad and turn it closed. It allows you to fine tune that pad and get it to a point that it is most comfortable for you. Each NeoAir Trekker includes a field repair kit—in case you should run into any issues out in the field—and a stuff sack. As you can see here with this regular length of the NeoAir Trekker, it is got a nice compact package. This is about nine inches long, four and a half inches thick. The long being or the large being just a little bigger than that. Seventeen ounces for the regular, 23 ounces for the large. The inflatable NeoAir Trekker, just a really great, light weight, durable option for three seasons backpacking.


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