Therm-a-Rest Antares 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


We are going to take a closer look at the Therm-a-rest Antares 20 degree sleeping bag and talk about what makes Therm-a-rest sleeping bags unique and different from other bags in the market place. Therm-a-rest, obviously known for their sleeping pads has been helping people sleep comfortably in the back country for over 30 years and they have taken what they have known and applied it to the building of sleeping bags. To start lets talk about just some of the build features on the Antares. Insulation, obvious-ly a key ingredient in any sleeping bag. You have got premium 750 fill goose down insu-lation in this bag so very compressible, very warm. Again, it is a 20 degree bag, so you are looking at a pretty solid three season temperature rating on that bag. Thermally efficient zipper design here so you don’t have a zipper that runs the whole way around the side. It does not fold open like a blanket. This improves thermal efficiency, keeps you warm, but still gives you great access in and out the bag as well, so a 40 inch zipper on the side of the Antares. Fully insulated hood, baffling both inside the hood, draft collar inside the hood and also at the neck as well. There is also a draft collar in behind the zipper itself so that no cold air is finding its way into the bag through that zipper. Also a nicely shaped foot box so you have got nice ergonomics. It keeps you comfortable inside of the bag instead of feel-ing like you are too compressed or locked away inside the sleeping bag. So real comfort-able night’s sleep inside the Antares. The Antares does come in two lengths, a long which fits to six foot six, a regular length which fits to six feet. We are looking at the regular length here. Again, that goose down insulation helps to keep weight down. Regular comes in actually just under two pounds and then the long just over two pounds by an ounce or two. There is more going on here, though, that saves weight and I definitely want to show that off for you. Going to peel the bag back here, turn it over. Looking in the underside of these bags know that the center section here in the bag is actually not insulated. Kind of see my hand straight through that fabrication there. It is closed off, but it is uninsulated. The sides are, the top, the bottom, certainly key areas where heat could be lost are fully insulated. That padding or insulation rather comes back to a degree that the pad beneath you can deliver the warmth you need without compromising the potential temperature rating on the bag itself. So you will want to be mindful of what pad you use with the bag. I have got the Therm-a-rest NeoAir Extherm here, certainly plenty of warmth to make this be the 20 degree bag it wants to be. Features here. Synergy link connectors. You can see this band that is sown in behind the top of the bag. There is a second one down below. That stretches very easily around a pad up to 25 inches in length. The Extherm here is 20 inches in length. Really makes cer-tain that that bag stays overneath the pad so you have got the warmth you need beneath you, but also so you stay comfortably on the pad during the night whether you are rolling, whether you are a back sleeper, regardless of how you sleep, you are going to stay on that pad. You are going to stay warm. You are going to save weight while you do it. Again, makes Therm-a-rest sleeping bags on the whole the Therm-a-rest Antares 20 de-gree specifically here in front of us, excellent options for ounce counting back packers. To add additional value and help with packing and storage, Therm-a-rest includes a stuff sack. See the draw string closure there and also a mesh storage sack. As with any sleeping bags, it is advised that you store the sleeping bag in an uncompressed state to extend the life of that bag either in the storage sack, hanging in a closet. Just make sure you don’t have it in that most compressed state.


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