Snow Peak Trek Combo Titanium Cookset Video


On a day like today, a hot meal or a hot drink at the end of a long day or hiking, or even to start the day, can make a big difference. So, here today we’re taking a look at Snow Peaks Trek Combo Ti cook set. The Trek Combo Ti consists of two pots and two lids that can serve as lids or fry pans and everything nests into this small package. The Trek Combo Titanium is basically the combo of two of Snow Peaks more popular cook sets, the Trek 900 and the Trek 1400. The Trek 900 gives you a 30 ounce pot with nice, stamped graduated marking on the outside. Along with it you have this fry pan lid that can hold 8 fluid ounces. So you just fold the handle in and it goes right on top of that piece. And then on the Trek 1400 you have a 47 ounce pot. Again, nice stamped graduated markings, full titanium construction and a lid that will hold up to 17 fluid ounces. You can fold the locking handle in. You can nest the Trek 900 right inside the Trek 1400 and top it off with your lid. If you’re really trying to keep this nice and compact, the trek 900 is a size where you can take a small stove, like the Snow Peak Giga Power, fold it up, take it off the fuel canister and it wills tore right down inside. You’ve also got room in there to store a fuel canister. On the weight side of things you’re saving a good bit of weight because you’ve gone with a titanium cook set. So when you break it down to its components, the Trek 900 itself as a combination weighs in at 6.2 ounces and the Trek 1400 weighs in at 7.4 ounces and for the entire package you come in at just a hair over 13 ounces. Considering that you could probably prepare food for 3 or 4 people with this cook set, that’s a pretty considerable weight savings. It’s a very nice, weight conscious set up.


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