Snow Peak SnowMiner LED Headlamp Video


This is the award winning, Snow Peak, Snowminer LED headlamp; a really clever, hybrid design that allows this to function not only as a headlamp but also a lightweight backpacking lantern. There are three separate settings on the Snowminer. A single push of the button will get you to the highest setting. Then there is a mid setting which saves on battery life, if that’s providing enough light, and the third setting is a strobe setting which can be helpful in an emergency situation. You can also start at the top and by keeping the switch depressed, there is actually a dimmer mode that allows you to get the setting exactly where you need it for whatever you’re using the Snowminer for. This headlamp has a tilting housing so when you are using it in that manner you can direct light where ever you might need it. The globe on the front here is depressed and that’s the manner in which you would use this in order to have it serve as a headlamp. By pulling that out and extending the globe this can really easily become a really nice backpacking lantern. Turn that back on and you get nice diffused lighting and tucked inside this adjustable head strap is a hook that allows you to very easily and efficiently suspend the Snowminer from the interior of your tent or a tree branch or anything that allows for overhead lighting. The Snowminer requires three AAA batteries for usage and tucked in here behind that tilted housing is an easy to open panel that will get you into the battery compartment. Again, it tucks in right behind the headlamp. Super lightweight, super compact and a nice hybrid design that gives it dual functionality for backpacking purposes.


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