Snow Peak Mini Solo Combo Titanium Cookset Video


This is the Mini Solo Cook Set Ti from Snow Peak. The Ti stands for Titanium. It's a great little one-person cook set. It weighs in at 5.5 ounces. What you get is this short pot that I like to use as a cup on the bottom here. It holds about 10 fluid ounces. And then you get a small pot that holds 28 fluid ounces. They nest together. You have a little handle here with a lid. It's just fantastic for anyone who wants to do ultralight backpacking or if you're just traveling and staying in hostels, if you need some way to cook your coffee, boil water for tea or Ramen or whatever it is you're eating. It's just a small little cook set here. With Titanium, you do get the handles here on the side that fold back for compactibility. The whole thing does come with a little mesh stuff sack. On the inside and the outside here of this cup, you do have stamped, graduated markings. So you can measure out and use this as a measuring cup as well. And this item does not come with this Mini Solo Cook Set, but this is Snow Peak's Hot Lips and I like to add this in here when I use this because it's so small and lightweight and fits onto this little cup just like that so I can go ahead, fill this with hot water, drink from it and I don't have to worry about burning my lips. So the whole thing minus the Hot Lips is Snow Peak's Mini Solo Cook Set Titanium.


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