Snow Peak Hotlips Titanium 600 Mug Video


We’re taking a look at Snow Peak’s Titanium 600 single wall cup with the Hotlips. The 600 Titanium cup and the Hotlips together weigh in a t about 2.9 ounces and will hold around 21 ounces of liquid. Being made from titanium this cup is plenty durable and will hold up to all sorts of backpacking and camping activities. There are folding handles on the side which you can tuck down making the cup streamlined and easy to pack. The Hotlips is made from silicon and it is removable. You do not want o boil water with the Hotlips attached to the cup but will want to add it afterwards. It keeps your lips from being burned by wrapping over the edge here, it’s easy to put on, and is a nice accessory that allows you to use the cup even while it has a hot beverage in it. The 600 Titanium cup with the Hotlips does come with a mesh storage sack; not included would be the stove and the fuel canister we see here but I did want to show that you can pack a small stove and fuel canister in here. So, we’ll pack this, which is Snow Peak’s Gigapower Litemax stove, in here in the storage sack so it doesn’t scratch the inside of the cup and place it in the bottom of the cup, then invert the canister and place it on top so they both fit. Then fold the handles in, making the whole thing more compact, and stow it inside this mesh stuff sack which makes it neat and clean for packing inside a backpack.


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