Sierra Designs Men's All-Season Windjacket Video


I am wearing a really neat piece from Sierra Designs. This is the all season wind jacket from Sierra Designs. Really neat feature set, nice style lines on this jacket, really bridges the gap between every day wear and true back country use. Got an interesting blended fabrication on this jacket. Nylon, polyester and spandex actually gives that jacket four way stretch. So you can see quite a bit of stretch on that fabric allows it to be a nice trim cut, but will still layer over certainly light weight base layers and really low profile mid layers in certain cases. Stitching here is actually welded rather than stitched, so sharp lines there as well. And, again, in keeping with that stretch fabric really just enhances the overall look and cut of that jacket. A couple of different points of adjustability on the jacket. You can see Velcro and split cuffs. That makes a nice easy on and off with a good bit of adjustability there to really dial in that fit. There is also hem adjustability here on either side to pull in or cinch in the jacket. There is also a hood on this jacket. And a back packer friendly head fitting hood instead of the somewhat oversized helmet compatible hoods that are out there on so many jackets. So Sierra Design is really appealing to the backpacker here, whether they are being used for actual backpacking use or just every day wear. Some minimal stream lined pocketing here on the jacket. You have got hand pockets her on the front, mesh backing on those so you actually get a bit of ventilation if those pockets are open. There is some air permeability on the jacket as well, highly wind resistant. Also a rather water resistant, certainly not waterproof. It is not the kind of piece you would want in heavy downpours, but in light rain it actually stands up pretty well. One small Napoleon pocket here on the chest. I want to point that out as well. And coming back for just a second to that breathability, there are some laser cut vents on the underarm, too. So not the bulk or weight of pit zips, but just a nice touch there that, again, gives a little bit of extra breathability to the jacket. So, yeah, loving that backpack friendly feature set here without having to part with everyday style. Kind of a dropped cut there in the back, too, so it comes down a little lower if you are sitting or whatever it may be. So just a little more coverage there than you get from some higher cut athletic style jackets. Loving the feature set on this jacket. Not a heavy soft shell fabric by any means, but, you know, out here on an autumn day with a little bit of wind going just perfectly comfortable inside this jacket, something I envision most people getting all kinds of wear, whether it is the back country or just the piece you put on each and every day.


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