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Sierra Designs Speakeasy Glove

Sierra Designs Speakeasy Glove


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The Sierra Designs Speakeasy glove is a lightweight winter glove with a little bit of fleece insulation in it but it’s not a heavy glove. It’s going to excel at active winter sports like snowshoeing, cross country skiing and hiking, even downhill skiing in warmer weather. You can see across the back of the hand here you’ve got a soft shell fabric, and across the knuckles, and it’s combined with leather across the main knuckles and tip of the fingers. So you’ve got durability as well as stretch and flexibility and this soft shell material is waterproof and breathable so your hand is fully protected. On the back side of the hand in the palm you’ve got full leather with reinforcement through the thumb. So, very durable through the palm as well as excelling at grip on poles and working pack straps, adjusting ski poles, snowshoe poles and bindings. On the wrist here, you can see, there is a bit of elastic so you’ve got some stretch there so you get some stretch there but you get a snug, secure fit out of it. Inside the cuff there is a very comfortable fleece lining, the whole glove is lined with this fleece but you’ve got this nice, snug cuff that fits well and manages moisture well and then you’ve got an over shell here to work as a protective lining; a little bit of a gauntlet. It does close off but you can also tuck a shirt or jacket in there pretty well. A few extra features to mention here on the Speakeasy glove is a pairing clip, to clip the gloves together when they are not in use, a soft nose wipe here on the back of the thumb and the third feature is going to be Sierra Designs outseam construction. You can see on the fingers here that the seams are sewn outside of the glove which is going to be a little different than what you’re used to seeing. What this does is offers a little but better dexterity and grip for smaller objects. If you’re picking up a pen or a pencil or maybe working a water bottle, something of that sort, this glove with the outseam construction will give you a bit better dexterity there.


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