Sierra Designs Men's DriDown Gnar Lite Jacket


I am wearing the Sierra Designs Men’s Gnar Lite jacket. This warm, light weight jacket is a great stand alone piece in cool weather and a really nice mid layer piece underneath a heavier jacket in cold temperatures. With its polyester rip stop shell fabric and premium 800 fill dry down insulation, the jacket comes in at just over 11 ounces, so incredibly light weight. That down allows it to compress to a really small pack size as well, so it is nice and easy to throw it inside a pack and have it when temperatures actually do dip down. That dry down insulation, unlike traditional down will keep you warm even if it should become wet. Traditional down, that is not the case. It gets wet. It gets damp. It looses its ability to keep you warm. But a hydrophobic finish on the dry down keeps it from getting wet. If it does get wet, it still keeps you warm and it dries much, much faster, because of that finish if it was to become wet. Pretty slim fit to the jacket, again. You know, in certain temperatures it absolutely can be worn as a stand alone, but it does make a great mid layer. So it fits in such a way that you can wear a hard shell over top of it or something heavier if the temperatures really, really are cold. A couple of points of adjustability on the hem here on either side. You can cinch that jacket in. There is elasticity on the cuffs. There is also thumb pass throughs on each of the sleeves. Love that feature. You don’t always see it on insulated pieces. Fairly common on base layer. What that does is you can see it pulls the sleeves up and over the hand. If you are wearing gloves it really does away with that gapping that can occur. So it keeps you that much warmer. And on family mild days where you may not need gloves, that may be all the warmth you need coming up and over the hand and the palm. The Gnar Lite jacket has two zippered hand warmer pockets. The interior of the jacket it has got a large dump pocket on either side. And on the left side of the jacket you also have a small zippered pocket to keep valuables hidden away inside the jacket. With that light weight compressibility and that nice weather proof construction, the Sierra Designs Gnar Lite really nice insulating piece for cool weather or for use in cold weather as a mid layer piece.


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