Sierra Designs Men's Capiz Jacket Video


This is the men’s Sierra Designs Capiz jacket. Definitely a streamlined cut, got aerobic pursuits in mind. It does also have water resistant dry down insulation which makes it a nice option for layering. As I mentioned, there is some insulation in the Capiz jacket, 75 grams of 600 fill dry down insulation. That insulation has been treated. So unlike traditional down that can lose its ability to retain loft and keep you warm if it becomes wet, the fibers in the dry down have been individually treated so that they are water resistant. They are going to get wet far slower than untreated down. If they do become wet, they are still going to retain their loft and they will dry much faster. So the overall impact is you have still got light weight compressibility, but you have also got some confidence that you can’t have in untreated or traditional down. There is a dual fabrication on this jacket, so while you have got fabric panels here with insulation beneath them, you also have some stretch fabric on the undersides of the sleeves and also on the side panels of the jacket, too. Again, keep in mind, this slim fit is representative of this jacket having... giving you the ability to use it in aerobic pursuits, be that just walking, running or anything where you need a bit more mobility, a bit more breathability on the sides than you would be looking for in a jacket just to keep you warm. Because of that stretch fabrication there really isn’t a lot of adjustability in the jacket. You just don’t need it. It moves with you. Same thing to be had here on the sleeves. There is not elasticity the whole way around, but because that stretch fabric carries through the whole way to the wrist or the cuff, you know, that fit isn’t uncomfortable and it does keep the sleeve from riding up. You have got a nice full length zipper so easy in and out of the jacket. There is no internal pocketing, but there are two zippered external hand warmer pockets. The Capiz jacket looks good, again, has functionality in it that allows it to be used for aerobic pursuits or, as a really nice mid layer piece.


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