Sierra Designs Men's DriDown Super Stratus Jacket


I am wearing the Sierra Designs men’s DriDown Super Stratus jacket. Super warm of-fering, quite a bit of insulation in this jacket. And that insulation is innovative dry down. Because it is down you are getting that warmth, you are getting that compressibility. But it has been treated so that it isn’t susceptible to reduced performance should it become wet. With the expectation that you are going to be wearing this jacket in some really cold tem-peratures, Sierra Designs has packed 160 grams of 800 fill dry down insulation into the Super Stratus jacket. Again, susceptibility of down over the years is that should it become wet even in moist or damp conditions it loses some of its loft and it just loses its ability to keep you warm. The individual fibers of dry down have been treated so that there is a water resistance there. It stays drier longer. It retains its loft longer. If it should become wet, it dries that much faster. And so you have got confidence in this down jacket that you may not have had in traditional down jackets. So a fairly comfortable, relaxed cut to the Super Stratus jacket. So you can put some oth-er layers underneath it for extreme cold. As far as adjustability is concerned, you do have dual hem adjustment here. It is elastic cuffs which increases comfort there and keeps those sleeves from sneaking up on you. It is a hooded jacket and that hood also has elas-ticity to it as well as adjustability to cinch in that hood. It is helmet compatible, a really roomy hood so you can wear that over top of a hood if you are using this for skiing or snow boarding. There is also a nice collar on the hood or, I should say, underneath the hood. So if you have got that hood turned down, you have still got nice warmth around the neck. It is a full length zipper on the Super Stratus jacket as you would expect. Do want to point out that it is a two way zipper, so kind of traditional zipper here at the top, but also some opening there at the bottom. So it gives you some venting options. That is a nice feature. A lot of pocketing on the jacket, too, which is nice. So you have got your two zippered hand warmer pockets here in the front just as you would expect. I am going to open this up as well. You have got some big dump pockets here on the interior for all kinds of stuff on the inside. They are very deep, so a lot of storage there. Also a zippered internal pocket here that also has a pass through for headphones. So if you would want to wear an iPod or mp3 player, something along those lines, it has got nice versatility on that pocket-ing as well. Another really nice standout feature on the Super Stratus jacket and one that you don’t always find on really warm outerwear pieces are the thumb holes. So you will see this a lot of times on lower profile layering pieces, thumb holes at the sleeves. And there is a nice fabrication underneath here, too, so it is a comfortable pass through. You are wearing gloves. I am sure all of you have experienced this somewhere along the line. You get that gapping between the end of the glove and the start of the sleeve, especially if the sleeves want to ride up at all. So two fold here, keeps the sleeves from riding up, but it also takes away that gap. So whether the gloves are underneath or over top you no longer have that spot that cold air can creep in. Adding some extra versatility Sierra Designs includes a stuff sack with every DriDown Super Stratus jacket. And you see that packs down nice and small, especially for a jacket as warm as this one is. Again, maximum warmth, excellent water proof or water resistant protection, the Sierra Designs Men’s DriDown Super Stratus jacket.


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