Salomon Women's XA Pro 3D Video


We are taking a look at the women’s Salomon XA Pro 3D shoe. This is an all around adventure shoe. I can see this being great for fast and light backpacking and hiking and even trail running on rugged terrain. This shoe has an awesome combination of support and comfort. And we will take a closer look. This shoe is built on Salomon’s 3D chassis. So you can see it right here at the heel. And this is some rigid support that really just runs throughout the shoe. So that is going to give you great protection on rugged trails and it is going to offer a lot of support just on unstable mountain terrain. You do have comfortable, cushiony, EVA foam throughout the shoe. That is just going to increase cushion and offer excellent comfort. The removable ortho like foot bed gives a lot of additional cushioning and comfort and is easily removable if you need to replace them with insoles or your own foot bed. The mostly mesh upper is extremely breathable throughout the shoe. So it gives a really fast drying time compared to a waterproof shoe if it should become wet. You can see some overlays on the top and that definitely gives more support and a little bit of added protection and durability throughout the shoe. The tongue of this shoe is Salomon’s fit-fit, which is an internal sleeve that cradles the top of your foot for added comfort and really, really good fit. So it is really stretchy and flexible and moves with your foot. Once you cinch down the quick lace system the fit-fit tongue fits well with the quick laces by spreading out the pressure point of the lacing and really giving you a solid fit with the shoe. If we go to the bottom of the shoe, this is Salomon’s contra-grip outsole, which means that it is very durable and very aggressive on the trail. You do have excellent traction and pretty big lugs just for traction on rugged terrain At the front of the shoe you do have a really hard toe guard there, so protection against rocks. And right behind it Salomon calls this their mud guard. So if you are in muddy or wet conditions you are going to have a little bit more protection so that water isn’t going to seep right away into the shoe. All in all, with the combination of rigid support, durability, comfort and protection the Salomon XA Pro 3D is an all around adventure shoe.


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