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Salewa Men's Rapace GTX (2014)

Salewa Men's Rapace GTX (2014)


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We are taking a look at the Salewa Rapace GTX. This is a very light weight, very agile mountaineering boot that is crampon compatible. It is probably over kill for most back-packing, but it is really good on technical roots. It is the sort of thing that if you work in the outdoor field, so if you are a guide, if you are taking a {?} course or if you are back-packing in some pretty serious places and you want to mix with some light mountaineer-ing this is a boot you want to take a look at. The story behind a lot of Salewa’s footwear its heir three F system. You can see that built into the Salewa Y here. Those three Fs represent fit, flex and support. So in the fit of this shoe you have got a light weight leather upper here combined with this full rubber ram that runs around the entire boot. You do have some asymmetry to the lacing system as well as that lace to toe design. So you are going to get some good fit and a little bit more of a customizable fit versus a non lace to toe design. And the real unique thing here is you have Salewa’s multi fit foot bed system. So this boot comes with an insole that is in two parts that are attached. You can take them apart to change the volume inside the shoe. So if you have got a larger foot or a little bit higher volume or a wider foot, you may be able to remove one of those insoles to get a bit better fit. Or you can keep both pieces in there if you have got more of a narrow foot and get a better fit that way. So the flex part of this design is coming from this true Y shape here on the side. There is an actual metal cable build in here that runs under the foot of the boot, up the other side. I will flip that around here. You can see it anchors in here to this metal eyelet. It come back around the ankle, around the back of the foot and into the other side. So what this is doing is it is allowing for this really great snug fit in the heel. It locks your foot and your ankle into the back of that boot so you are not going to get a lot of lift in movement. At the same time it is a light weight design and it allows for flexibility through the side of the boot here so you can get the flex that you need for walking and climbing without hav-ing a lot of clunky material in the side of the shoe as well as that support and that locking, that ability to lock your ankle into the back of the boot. So the support part of this boot comes into play here with underfoot design. You are not going to find EVA rubber in this mid sole design. While EVA rubber is cushioning and comfortable, this boot is more about long term durability and support. So you have got this more of like a polyurethane mid sole built in here and you do have a vibrant out sole that has got a fairly aggressive lug pattern and Salewa has built in this suction on the toe here. It is called their climbing zone. So for... this is a very stiff boot. Folks that are using this in mountaineering situations, doing some light climbing or via {?} you are going to have this nice tab cap on the edge of the toe here and that out sole design to give you a good edge. So, again, it is Salewa’s men’s Rapace GTX. It is a light weight agile mountaineering boot. It is crampon compatible. You do have your ridge here on the back to hook that crampon into and you can wrap the strap over the front of the boot. It is going to be per-fect for folks, obviously, doing light mountaineering, anybody doing some hard core backpacking, or somebody that wants a really stiff boot and they want it to last a long time and they want great flexibility, fit and support out of their shoe.


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