Rab Women's Solar Jacket Video


I am wearing the women’s Rab Solar jacket. And this is a great all year round piece that you can wear in warmer weather as an outer wear layer and you can wear in colder weather as a layering piece. It has got just enough features for it to be a really great technical jacket while still having an ultra light weight design. So if we take a closer look at the solar jacket, you can see it is an athletic fit. And so I have got a size medium on. I definitely could wear a small if I was going to wear this as more of a, you know, base layer or layers, you know, closer to my skin. If I am going to be wearing layers underneath of it and wearing this as more of an outer wear piece, I probably would stick with the medium. It has got two different types of fabric. So this lighter blue is a very stretchy, very comfortable soft fabric. The darker blue that you see on the top of the arm and on the shoulders is a more durable fabric and that is going to hold up really well against backpack straps, climbing slings, that sort of thing. And so, you know, you do have those two fabrics. It is treated with sort of an anti odor type of coating which makes it really nice if you are going to be, you know, sweating in this piece. If you take a look at the pockets, you have got two pockets that start up a little bit higher. So if you are going to be wearing a back pack or you are going to be wearing a climbing harness, you still have access to these pockets even when the harness is attached. On the inside you can see it is just a mesh pocket. So that makes it really light weight. The hood is definitely you can use this underneath of a climbing helmet, you know, or another helmet. It is a very snug fit. Some additional features of the Solar jacket. You do have two thumb holes and that is nice for if you are wearing gloves or if it gets a little chilly you can, you know, put that right over your thumbs. Behind the zipper you do have this sort of weather flap. It is really light weight and it makes it nice to zip and unzip the piece. And I will mention how light weight and compact the jacket is. I will sort of ball it up here just so you can see how small it is. So, you know, if you are on a day hike or you are trying to pack really light weight, you know, this is a great piece for doing that. All in all the Rab Solar jacket is a great four season piece for anyone who wants to go light weight and wants a little bit of weather protection.


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