Rab Men's Zephyr Jacket Video


I am wearing the Rab men’s Zephyr jacket, extremely light weight, stretchy, so well fitting soft shell jacket that you can wear as a layering piece all the year round or a stand alone piece in mild weather. Extremely light weight fabrication on the Zephyr jacket. You have got a single weave fabric. Again, stretch fabric here on the body throughout the jacket. Higher wear areas here across the sleeves and the shoulders. It is actually a double weave. Still a stretch fabric, though, so you are getting an excellent fit. Room here to put this over top of low profile base layers and, again, the design here certainly allows you to wear heavier layers over top of it. Again, we are talking about a light weight piece, not an extremely warm piece, certainly not insulated. But there are some interesting features that bolster warmth a little bit. You have got a nice guard here in behind the zipper. Keeps cold air from getting inside the jacket. You have got thumb loops on the sleeves. It is kind of a longer sleeve on the jacket, some elasticity there and with those thumb loops that gives this some aerobic potential, too, and kind of takes away that gap between gloves and sleeves. Love that feature especially in cool weather as you star to get in the fall if you are wearing it in early spring. There is a nice contoured hood. The design here would be an under the helmet hood if this is something that you are wearing for skiing or climbing since this is where you may have a helmet. But, again, that also increases {?}. You do have two zippered hand pockets here on the front of the Zephyr jacket. Otherwise, just a nice clean profile. Again, whether you are wearing it as a layering piece or a stand alone. Zephyr jackets is something you just might find yourself wearing all the time. Looks great, too. So nice option for every day use as well.


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