Rab Men's Neutrino Endurance Jacket Video


I am wearing Rab’s Neutrino Endurance jacket. This light weight down filled jacket pro-vides exceptional warmth for extreme cold and winter activities. The warmth of this jack-et is provided by premium 800 fill European goose down and that goose down has been treated with a hydrophobic finish. So unlike traditional down that can lose its ability to keep you warm if it would become wet or damp, the down used here resists that wetness and continues to keep you warm even in wet conditions. The pertex endurance fabric used on the jacket also provides a level of weather resistance. It is not truly water proof, but it is heavily weather resistant. Together the fabric, the down result in a jacket that despite its warm weighs in at just a pound, six ounces. And it compresses down to a nice size, especially for winter use, enabling you to throw it in your pack without taking up too much space inside the pack. Further bolstering the warmth of this jacket you do have a full length zippered baffle, an insulated baffle beneath the front zipper that makes sure the cold are is not making its way into the jacket. You have got a fully insulated and heavily so hood. It is a sizable hood. It is helmet compatible. So if you are using it in winter for climbing, for any kind of snow sports in which you are wearing a helmet, you definitely have the room you need within the helmet, within the hood. There is nice adjustability on that hood as well both at the sides here along side the ... be-neath the chin and also a Velcro adjustability on the back that helps to pull that hood back a little bit. Some nice shaping to the brim here to keep nasty weather from getting in your face while you are at play. The Neutrino Endurance jacket definitely designed as an outerwear piece. You have got room beneath it for some additional layers. You could potentially get a hard shell over this. But you need... you probably need to at least think about sizing up, because, again, it is a nice puffy piece and it is kind of intended as that top layer. Some adjustability here at the cuffs so you get the fit you are looking for, but plenty of room to run gloves either over it or beneath it. And that design also keeps these sleeves from riding up on you. Also dual points of hem adjustability, one here at each side to pull that jacket in tightly. Do also want to show that there is a drop to the back of the jacket here. That is nice, again, in coldest weather just to extend a little further and should you be sitting whether it is on a chair lift or what have you, to know that you have got a little extra protect there at the rear of the jacket. As far as pocketing, we have got two sizable hand warmer pockets here on the front. And, again, because of that thick insulation, that deep baffling, really excellent warmth there. Water proof zippers on those pockets also full length water proof zipper on the front of the jacket. Did want to point out the fact that that is a two way zipper as well. So from the top or from the bottom that is nice on a jacket as warm as the Neutrino Endurance, because it gives you some venting options if you do heat up or weather takes a turn that you just need to breathe a little bit. Inside the jacket there is one additional pocket, a zippered pocket here on the chest on the interior of the chest on the left side of the jacket. Rab does include a zippered stuff sack for this jacket. We will give you a look at the compressed size of the jacket. Really idea for throwing in a pack. Again, that makes this a great option for mountaineering or any kind of winter activities where you are anticipat-ing some really cold weather.


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