Rab Men's Microlight Jacket Video


I am wearing the Rab Microlight jacket. It is an ultra light weight and warm winter jacket that is perfect for climbing, back packing or winter hiking. The Microlight jacket is insulated with 750 fill European goose down, a high quality down, a very compressible down and it has got a hydrophobic finish that has been given to it as well so that should it become wet, damp, it doesn’t lose its ability to keep you warm. Traditional untreated down will start to lose its insulative properties if it becomes wet. So you have got great compressibility. The jacket weighs just 15 ounces, so extremely light weight because of that down. It will also compress down to a small size. We will show you that a little later inside its own integrated stuff pocket. The narrow baffling on the Microlight jacket also helps to make it warm. Basically it makes certain that the down doesn’t migrate over time. If that weren’t the case the down... you could have more down here and less down there and have dead spots or cold spots in the jacket. So nice design feature there. As far as fit, it is a slim fit. You could wear a shell over it or a heavier layers. You could wear some low profile base layers un-derneath it, but, again, designed as a mid layer or a stand alone piece. As far as other fit features, you have got some lycra elasticity here at the bottom of the sleeves to keep those from riding up. And, again, just gives it a nice fit or drape. And there is also dual adjustments at the hem to cinch that jacket in and make sure it is fitting nicely there. Should also mention the pertex micro light fabrics. Nice weather resistance there. It is not a waterproof fabric, but, again, some nice weather resistance and a very light weight. So, again, we have got a jacket here that is just 15 ounces, under a pound and the fabric plays into that as well. As far as the profile of it, nice and clean. There are two hand warmer pockets here. there is no internal pocketing. There is a small zippered chest pocket and that doubles as a stor-age sack for this jacket, enables it to stuff down to a very small pack size. And, again, that is what makes this such an ideal option for winter climbing, backpacking or hiking.


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