Rab Men's Microlight Alpine Jacket Video


This is the innovative Mountain Hardwear men’s Thermostatic jacket. Down jackets have long been celebrated for their light weight compressibility, but they do have some susceptibility to poor performance should they become wet. The thermostatic jacket uses some really neat synthetic technology that does away with that worry, but comes in at a weight and compressibility that is highly competitive with down. The Thermostatic jacket is insulated with thermal Q elite. Thermal Q elite synthetic insulation mimics the structure of down. So it actually uses a combination of stiffer and softer fibers resulting in really excellent compressibility, but also nice loft and warmth. It is designed as a layering piece, not as a cold weather jacket. So it is fairly thinly insulated. It has got 60 grams of that insulation. Again, it makes this a great layering piece. And in cool temperatures, early fall, late spring just an excellent stand alone piece as well. Pretty stream lined, cut to the jacket. Again, fairly intentional in it being expected that you would use it as a layering piece putting heavier layers over it or a hard shell jacket over top. There are a couple of points of adjustability here at either side of the hem. So you have got dual adjustment points there. As far as the cuffs are concerned, elastic cuffs just a little bit of give there keeps the sleeves from riding up and keeps them in place. Full length zipper on the Thermostatic jacket so easy on, easy off. You don’t have to just fight it over the top of your head like you might on a half zip. It does have two hand warmer pockets. That is the only pocketing on the jacket. This right pocket does allow you to stuff the jacket inside of itself and zipper it closed. So you can store it in your pack, have it ready at hand. And again, makes it just a really nice go to layering piece be that for back packing or for every day cool weather use.


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