Patagonia Men's Alpine Houdini Jacket Video


I am wearing the Patagonia men’s Alpine Houdini jacket. This ultra light weight, ultra packable, water resistant, wind resistant shell is a great option for climbers and back packers who are looking for compact shell that they can throw in their pack just in case. So the shell of the Alpine Houdini jacket is a 100 percent nylon rip stop shell. This jacket weighs just 5.4 ounces. It is a really great option, again, for just throwing in your pack in case you might need it. It isn’t water proof, but highly water resistant, certainly highly wind resistant as well. And with that light weight structure it is also really breathable. Definitely a minimalist design to this jacket, nice clean profile. I am wearing this over kind of a low profile insulated piece so you can get some other layers underneath it and definitely can put heavier layers over top of it when cold temperatures call for that. As far as fit, you do have elasticity here at the sleeves, basically just enough to keep that from riding up. There is also a single pull hem adjustment so you can cinch that jacket in a little bit. It does have a hood, certainly a nice feature on an emergency shell. It is large enough that if you are climbing or even using this for back country skiing, you can get a helmet underneath it, but it has points of adjustability, so if you are not wearing a helmet, you can still cinch in that fit. The Alpine Houdini jacket does have a full length zipper. You know, for a 5.4 ounce jacket to have that, that is definitely worth mentioning. Sometimes to get down that low you are looking at a pull over or an {?} style jacket. Not a lot of pockets here, none on the exterior, just one single interior chest pocket. Again, minimalist room there, perhaps for keys and some valuables. But it does have a double sided zipper and this pocket will serve as the actual stow or stuff sack for the jacket. Here is the that Alpine Houdini jacket stuffed inside its own interior chest pocket. You can see just how compact that is. There is an attachment loop. You could certainly lash it to the outside of a pack or to a harness, but at that size and weight I certainly envision that tossed inside, just about any back pack you are using. The Patagonia men’s Alpine Houdini jacket at that low weight, compact pack size really is a great back up or emergency option when the weather turns foul for back packers, climbers or even back country skiers.


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