Patagonia Ascensionist Pack 25L Day Pack Video


I am wearing the Patagonia Ascensionist 25 liter pack. This is your ultimate fast and light pack for day adventures. It has got a lot of different options for climbing equipment, hik-ing equipment, anything you throw at it. This pack is going to be able to handle it. It is super light weight, so it can pack down to be pretty small, but it has got, like I said, a lot of carry options, a lot of different variety where you can lash a lot of gear to this pack. This is definitely a climb centered pack. So it is designed to have some really easy to use climbing features. And just starting at the bottom you have some tool loops here with some stretchy cord, you know, to attach any kind of, you know, ice axe, that sort of thing. This is actually adjustable. So, you know, a daisy chain on either side and you are able to attach whatever gear on there you like. I don’t have the pack packed out completely, so you have more adjustability in the size of the pack so you have got more room in the bottom. But this webbing strap right here is a great feature, because you can really cinch down the pack if you don’t have it packed out like I do. And if you need more space this floating lid kind of will come up and you are able to use more of the pack. So you have got a small pocket up here in the top of the lid, but other than that, it is just one big pocket in here. A really nice feature about the top portion of this pack is if you do have a climbing helmet or just extra gear that you need to drape over the top, this whole section will expand out. So you can see you have a nice big area here to use and this webbing strap right here that we mentioned actually can adjust to go up to this loop right her. So you can even take this, bring it up to here and then have extra adjustability in there. The way that you cinch down the top of the pack is really easy. You can do it one hand-ed, which is really nice, and then just cinch that down. And then to open it back up all you have to do is pull. So, you know, that is a really great feature. It lets you get hands on gear when you need it. Going over to the side and just the back of the pack to show you the shoulder straps. You have a nice long daisy chain right here and on the other side. And then just really light weight straps here. So they are contoured straps, really good quality, what you would expect from Patagonia. You have got an adjustable sternum strap right there where you can also change the sizing of that. You can remove it if you need. And there is also a small waist belt. So that is also removable. So if you want to have a little bit more sup-port there, you can use the waist belt. But all in all just a really clean, solid, easy to use pack. With all the different carry options, all the light weight features and just the stream lined design of this pack, it is you perfect, fast and light pack for any day adventure. It is the Patagonia Ascensionist 25.


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