Outdoor Research Men's Foray Jacket Video


The Outdoor Research Foray jacket has been a long time favorite among alpinists, back packers, climbers and should be. It is extremely light weight, extremely durable and full of features that deliver high performance up high or in the back country. The Foray jacket’s two layer, 50 denier gortex pack light construction makes it highly waterproof. It is also very breathable at 15 ounces for what would be the large size of the jacket. I am wearing the medium right now, so even slightly lighter in weight. Just a great combination of protection against the elements and, again, maintaining that light weight design. You have got fully taped seams everywhere throughout the jacket. You have got a fully waterproof zipper, full length zipper, water proof zipper on the chest pocket. Also got pit zips, torso flow hip zips that we are going to take a lot closer look at as it really makes this jacket unique, especially if you are wearing a pack or a climbing harness. It is a hooded jacket. There is adjustability on that hood to ensure that you get a proper fit. Full closure in the back, also full closures here at the side. It is a large enough hood that it will fit over a helmet. You do have adjustability, Velcro adjustability at the cuffs and also dual adjustability here at the hem to, again, make sure that that jacket is fitting appropriately and keeping you fully protected. On many water proof breathable jackets that include pit zips you have got a design that runs just a short length, just enough to allow a little bit of ventilation and give you a chance to cool down especially if you climbing or moving upwards, doing anything that is really causing heat to build up. On the torso flow you have actually got two way sepa-rating zippers that go from basically tricep area all the way to the hem of the jacket, so maximum ventilation for sure. But it also conveniently allows pack straps to pass through the jacket or beneath the jacket. So you are not cinching things off and sealing them in such a way that you are kind of doing away with some of the breathability or, you know, basically getting it to ride up on you as you put pack straps on. So a really comfortable fit, really smart design and, again, the ventilation that it provides is unparalleled. Again, the Outdoor Research Foray jacket with its combination of lightweight design, water proof breathable protection and an excellent set of features, really just a great go to option of nasty weather in at least three seasons, arguably all year round.


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