Outdoor Research VersaLiners Video


This is the VersaLiner from Outdoor Research. It is a very lightweight liner, it is basically a hundred weight fleece glove that has a nice tricot lining on the back of the hand so it is going to offer a little bit of warmth. The hard face knit on the outside offers some wind resistance to it. The real thing with this liner is going to be this outer shell. So you can see that there is a zipper on the side of the glove and inside there is a waterproof, breathable shell. So you can put this on if you are running and you rin into a patch of bad weather, you can pull that shell out and put it on over the glove and you now have a nice waterproof breathable glove on. When you are doing aerobic activities like running, cross country skiing, or snowshoeing and you are building up allot of heat, you dont always need something like this until the weather gets bad. If it gets sunnier out later you can take the shell off, tuck it back in, zip it up and you have a nice lightweight breathable liner again. That is the VersaLiner from Outdoor Research.


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