Outdoor Research Ultra Trail Gaiter Video


We are going to take a close look at the light weight, breathable Outdoor Research Ultra trail gaiter. This gaiter is light weight and breathable enough for trail running, for aerobic usage, but it is also durable enough for fast and light hiking or back packing. A couple of different fabrics used here on the gaiter, a stretchable light weight cordura, again, very durable. And also Lycra here on the sides. Again, nice stretch, good abrasion resistance. These are water repellant, not water proof, but water repellant. I am going to turn this inside out for just a moment. You can see that there are some anti slip, some silicone anti slip tabs in here to help to keep the gaiter in place when it is posi-tioned. Nice form fitting top here that slides over the leg and has a draw string closure at the top to cinch it comfortably against your leg. Some reflective hits on the side here, also on the logo itself. There is double hooks on the front of the gaiter which enable it to clip into place over your laces. In the back you will see underneath here there is a Velcro tab. They are matching Velcro tabs included by Outdoor Research that you can affix to a couple of different pairs of shoes to make sure that that fits snugly. On the sides you will also see some openings that allow you, if you choose, to tie in an instep attachment point, too, which will further snug the gaiter in place. Now really great, fast, light weight option either for trail running or hiking.


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