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Outdoor Researrch Sensor Dry Pocket Video


Outdoor Research is renowned for its high performance, dry sacs, storage options and submersibles and this is the dry sensor pocket. Comes in two different sizes, we are looking at the larger of the two so I've got a tablet inside. Also comes in iPhone or smaller electronic sizes as well. The dry sensor pocket has radio frequency welded seams so you've got true water tight construction, wide opening here at the top of the pocket. There is a zip lock closure and then also a low top design with Velcro’s in place. And that redundancy again makes certain that no water is reaching the interior of the dry sensor pocket. The dry sensor pocket does have touch screen capability as you can see here on the tablet which allows you to actually use this while it is protected inside the pocket. There is also an integrated water proof headphone jack so you actually can plug in the headphones and use this on the fly without any concerns about weather or water reaching your tablet. On the back of the dry sensor pocket there are a couple of different gear attachment points, so you can latch that in place making the dry sensor pocket an option for hiking, back packing, paddling or just general around town usage.


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