Outdoor Research Men's Verglas Gaiters Video


The Verglas Gaiter from Outdoor Research is a waterproof/breathable gaiter that will serve you in any number of pursuits, anything from alpine to backpacking or general hiking. Let me start here at the bottom with this durable instep strap. This goes right in the instep of you footwear. A lot of times that right in front of the heel brake on a hiking or backpacking boot. You’ve got a nice tab here to keep everything cinched in and let you vary the height of where the gaiter sits. On a trail running shoe, like I have on here, I’ve got it sitting pretty low. You’ve got a durable pack cloth material that is lined at the bottom where a boot would make contact with the gaiter. Up above we have a Ventia material which is a waterproof/breathable. This rolls water right off but prevents build up of sweat and condensation on the inside. Down here in the pack cloth portion, at the very toe of the gaiter, you’ve got a double riveted metal hook here. This can hook into your laces or it can also hook into any number of mountaineering or hiking boots that do have a D-ring attachment down here on the very last eyelet. It’s easy enough to hook it right in and that keeps the gaiter in place when you pull it up. Coming up from there you’ve got full velcro here, at the front. This way, when you put the gaiter on you can lay it wide open, set your heel in the strap and close it right up the front. That velcro runs all the way up and at the top of the Verglas gaiter you’ve got a piece of webbing and a cam buckle. You can pop that cam buckle open and this webbing cinches around the top of the calf, so it’s as easy as feeding it though the cam buckle, cinching it down so that your gaiter doesn’t slide down on you, close that buckle and you’re ready to go.


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