Outdoor Research Men's Helium Hybrid Jacket Video


I am wearing the Outdoor Research men’s Helium hybrid jacket, really slick piece, ideal for highly aerobic pursuits of trail running, perhaps cross country skiing, but anything where you are going to be on the move. You need some weather protection, but you also need a high level of breathability. So you have got dual fabrication going on in this jacket, definitely a high level of breath-ability as you would want, again, for high aerobic activities. You have got that in the ny-lon rip stop body of this jacket. But sometimes you need some weather protection, too, so in those key areas, the shoulders, the hood, you actually have a 30 D Pertex shield fab-ric so it is waterproof, breathable protection again in those key areas most exposed to the elements. Definitely an athletic cut to this jacket, which, again, makes a lot of sense when you think about what it is being used for. Not going to get a lot of other layers beneath this, only the most low profile based layers, certainly over a t-shirt. It leaves a lot of room to put layers over top of it, so it is an interesting mid layer. Again, I think of this more as a real-ly light weight outer wear piece. It does have elasticity at the cuffs, which is nice, keep those sleeves from rolling up. Also keeps it wear you want it to be. A single point of adjustability on the hem so a single pull cinch that jacket in and get that much better of a fit because of it. Definitely some adjustability on the hood as well. More of a stream lined fit than you are seeing on some jackets, more alpine style jackets that are more accepting of a hood. This is a better fit for your actual head in keeping with that streamlined athletic fit throughout the jacket. So you can see the Helium hybrid jacket stuffed into that chest pocket, really slim, com-pact design. Weighs next to nothing. Definitely throw this inside a pack, you have back pack, a day pack, a running pack, have it when you need it. The Outdoor Research men’s Helium hybrid jacket, personally really looking forward to running in this piece. I think it is just that perfect combination of breathability and just enough weather protection.


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