Outdoor Research Helmetclava Video


The Helmetclava by Outdoor Research is a balaclava that is designed to be worn underneath a helmet. Through the neck and the front of the face you’ve got a heavier, durable fabric that does have some wind resistency to it to so you’ve got some protection and here at the mouth you’ve got a couple of drilled holes that make it easier to breathe through. At the back of the neck you’ve got a lighter weight fleece that does have some good stretch to it and some insulation. And then here and through the top of the head you’ve got an extremely stretchy, lightweight fabric. This is going to help with wearing a helmet where you already have insulation up here and you don’t need a lot of fleece on the head and you want that helmet to fit well. So, it is designed to fit and work in conjunction with a helmet. You’ll also see this designed slit that sits above the ear if you’re wearing glasses. You can stick the arm of the glasses in here and they fit a bit better than a balaclava without that design.


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