Outdoor Research BugOut Gaiters Video


Outdoor Research's BugOut Gaiters are going to provide great insect protection for hikers and backpackers. This gaiter is made out of a lightweight fabric. It's very water-resistant and breathes well and it is made of an insect shield material. And this material is going to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, all sorts of bugs and insects as well as keep rocks, dirt, debris and that sort of thing out of your shoe. The front closure point for the BugOut Gaiter is a thick strip of Velcro. There are attachment points as the top to secure the gaiter as well as the bottom and a metal tab that attaches to the laces to help secure the gaiter to your shoe. A thin Hypalon strap connects the gaiter securely to your foot, under the foot. This strap has adjustability to it and allows you to adjust the gaiter to fit over the size shoe that you are wearing. It completes through the metal buckle and there is a piece of webbing to stick the end of the strap in to keep it from flapping around. The bottom of the BugOut Gaiter has a durable elastic band which allows it to fit to your shoe. And it has the same elastic band at the top. This keeps dirt, debris and bugs out of the gaiter and gives you some adjustability.


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