Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy Video


The Alpine bivy by Outdoor Research is a great shelter or a backup shelter for anybody who is spending time in the back country where the weather can get rough quickly or anyone who is looking to do some ultra light weight backpacking, is looking for an alternative to carrying a tent. So the Alpine bivy is one of the bivies that OR makes that actually does come with a pole set up. So you have got a little bit of something to support the Bivy material so it is not hanging on your face. It will be a little bit more comfortable for most users. It is a full gortex piece on the top here where you see this blue material. It is a high breathable gortex. It is a durable fabric. This is going to shed water, snow, that whole deal. All the seams are sealed on this baby and the floor is made from OR’s hydro seal fabric and it is extremely durable. They definitely bump it up a notch from some of their leaner, lighter bivies. You have got a really good powerful durable floor there and it is coated with an anti fungal coating to help eliminate that. So, as I said, the Alpine bivy comes with a single pole design. You can see it here through the sleeve at the top. It is reinforced with this heavier material and the pole is made from a {?} material which is frequently used in backpack frames as well. It is very light weight, flexible and durable and it is a pretty easy set up. OR has worked this really nice feature at the bottom here that you can fit that pole into the bottom of this Velcro tab which is a nice easy set up and something you could even do with like gloves or mittens on if you were out in bad weather and it really secures that pole into the bivy nicely. To help with the structure here OR includes a couple of tabs. I think there is five stake tabs on this that you can use. You can see at the top here is one that you could easily tie a guideline to. Those are not included, but you could rig something up on your own if you wanted a little bit more structure here. But there are one, two, three on the bottom here. You can stake out as well as two that are on the foot box end of it. So you can really rig this thing up to be nice and sturdy even though it only has that one pole for real support. So we open the bivy up here. You can see we have got this main hood piece that folds back. It does zipper close completely and is reinforced with a super beefy durable material. I wish there was some way that I could really show how durable this feels. But it gives a lot of structure to the base of this as well. It helps keep that from hanging on your face once you are inside the bivy and have it closed up. So you can fit a full length sleeping back in there up to long sleeping bags. It is not going not be a problem. The bivy itself is cut very generously. As you can see, OR also includes on the Alpine bivy a noseeum mesh, but screen here as well. That zips up separately using this green zipper. So if the weather wasn’t super cold or rainy you could almost kind of close this thing up with just the bug mesh, leave the hood... rest of the hood back and get some breeze going through here. So the Alpine bivy makes a great ultra light shelter or an emergency shelter and since it weighs in at under just two pounds it can be pretty light weight in your pack and take up a lot less room than a tent.


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