Osprey Volt 60 Internal Frame Backpack Video


Here I have got the Osprey Volt 60 liter back pack. And this pack was designed with a conscience back packer in mind, yet it is still a fully featured pack. The great thing about it is has got a wide range of adjustability. It is very easy to adjust on the fly so that you can get a very specific fit for your weekend adventure. One feature that makes the Volt so special is the wide range of adjustability in the hip belt and in the shoulder harness. The torso length adjusts from a size 17 inch torso up to a size 22 inch torso. You can see how easy that is to adjust. And the hip belt uses a fit on the fly technology designed by Osprey to make it very easy to adjust the hip belt. The hip belt adjusts from a size 28 inch up to a size 44 inch waist. Osprey has put their hydration sleeve in a very convenient location you can see on the outside of the pack. So it is really easy to get to the hydration sleeve in there. Some great features about why they put it on the outside is your gear on the inside of your pack is in a completely separate compartment. So if your hydration bladder were to leak a little bit or sweat, you wouldn’t get any of the gear on the inside of your pack wet. They have also integrated a grommet hole on the bottom of the back in case your water bladder were to break. The water will actually drain out of that hole instead of being... instead of staying inside that sleeve. You turn the pack around some of the other features. You have the stow on the go loops for trekking poles. If you are hiking and decide for a short period of time you don’t want to be using your trekking poles for any reason, you can store them here and here for easy access of your trekking poles. I will also mention the light weight frame sheath that is on the side of the pack. This is ... this transfers the weight right to your hips and allows for a lighter weight frame, then, than some other packs. There is features on the front. You have a daisy chain on either side, some loops for gear or for an extra pack to fit on top. You have sleeping pad loops here and ice axe tool loops for lashing any type of gear on the sides of the pack. You also have compression straps in case you don’t fill the pack. You can, you know, secure your gear down inside. The organization of this pack is great. It is loaded with lots of pockets. Starting on the hip belt, you have a sizable hip belt packet on each side for anywhere from a cell phone, a GPS, granola bar. You have stretchy mesh pockets on both sides of the pack where you can store a water bottle sideways for easy use or store it in the top. There is a big main compartment that you can access from the top and the bottom of the pack. And you can see this bottom compartment has a nice big opening that allows you to get into the bottom of the pack with ease.


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