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Osprey Viva 50 Women's Backpack Video

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Osprey Viva 50 Women's

Osprey Viva 50 Women's


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Here I have got the Osprey Viva 50 liter backpack. This is a pack designed specifically for women with the cost conscious back packer in mind. It is a full featured back pack that offers a wide range of custom adjustability so that you can adjust this pack to fit your specific body shape. We are going to take a closer look at the suspension system of the Viva 50. The technology used by Osprey is called fit on the fly which allows you to adjust the back pack very, very easily. You can see on the back panel there is Velcro where you can adjust the back pack from a 14 inch torso to a 19 inch torso. And to give you an idea, I am about 5’ 5” and I have a 16 and a half inch torso and I adjust this pack right between the small and medium fitting. The fit on the fly technology in the hip belt allows you to adjust the size of the hip belt from a 26 inch waist up to a 44 inch waist. Osprey uses a light weight peripheral frame. You can see on both sides of the pack and that transfers the weight right to your hips. While we are looking at the back of the pack I will mention the hydration sleeve back here. This is unique, because you can actually access your bladder from the outside of the pack. You don’t have to get into, you know, the body of your pack, remove any gear if you need a refill of your hydration bladder. It makes it really easy to get in and out of. This also makes the bladder in a different compartment than the rest of your gear, so if it happens to sweat a little bit or even leak the rest of the gear in your pack is going to stay dry. I will mention at the bottom of the hydration sleeve you can see a little grommet hole. And it doesn’t look like much, but if your water bladder were to leak, that whole actually allows the water to drain out making sure that it doesn’t soak the rest of your gear. We are going to look at some of the organization features of the Viva 50. You have got pockets all over the pack. So starting with the hip belt you have a sizable hip belt pocket for anything from granola bars to a cell phone. On the side you have a water bottle pocket that you can access from the side or the top. And you have compression straps on the side there, compression strap on the side of the pack if the pack is not full. If you bring it around to the front you have a large, stretchy, mesh pocket in the front, a big pocket on the inside and a pocket on the bottom you can access your sleeping bag or whatever you choose to put in there. This top panel is actually removable if you need to or if your load is oversized you can actually adjust this to put items in between this compartment and the top compartment of the pack. You bring it over to the side. You do have that compression strap on the side where you can store extra layers or anything else. Some last features to mention on the Viva 50, you see the stow on the go straps, one on the shoulder harness, the other one on the body of the pack. If you are hiking with your trekking poles and decide you, you know, don’t want to use them for, you know, a short length of time and you don't want to actually take your pack off, store them in your pack, put your pack back on, you can use these loops to store your trekking poles. And it makes it really convenient, you know, if you don’t need to be using those poles at any given time. On the front of the pack you have a daisy chain on the other side where you can, you know, lash gear. You also have these little loops where you can attach an extra carry bag for crampons, a crampon bag. You have ice axe loop. You have got a big storage spot right here for sleeping pad, whatever you may need. The Osprey Viva is also available in a men’s version called the volt. The volt offers all the same features of the Viva at a cost effective price and you can use it for any weekend adventure.


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