Osprey Manta 36 Hydration Pack Video


I am wearing the Osprey Manta 36 hydration pack. Like other hydration packs it ensures that you have got the water that you need. Unlike a lot of hydration packs, this is a fully featured day pack that has all the high end features you would expect from Osprey. We will start by taking a look at the suspension system on the Manta. Turning it around, actually, we will start here with kind of a side view. You can see that there is a suspended trampoline style back panel here. So some spacing between this ventilated portion that comes directly into contact with your back and then the actual back of the pack body. There is a peripheral frame, a light wire frame that runs the perimeter of the pack, gives it some real nice shape, rigidity, stability, the ability to carry some weight. Also ACPE frame sheet in the back of that pack which gives it, again, a bit more structure. You have got a nice wrap on the hip belt. Not a lot of padding there. Just a little bit on a pack of this size, just over 2000 cubic inches. You don’t need much more than the stability that that hip belt will provide. That perforation helps to keep weight down. You will also see those perforations carry through onto the contoured shoulder straps. So some nice broad padding there. But because of the cut always there, it keeps weight to a minimum. You do have load lifter straps here on the top of the pack. Also an adjustable sternum strap, so those features also kind of help you dial in the fit of the Manta. One of the nice features on the Manta, the hydration system actually has its own little dedicated pocket. When that is not the case on some other hydration packs out there, you actually end up eating into the available storage space when that reservoir lives within the main pack body. But you have got a dedicated sleeve here in which that reservoir resides. A nice flat back panel on that reservoir which makes it kind of stand out from some others. And it actually has some shaping to it as well. Again, just kind of maintains the overall shape of that pack and carries well because of it. Really broad opening here to the reservoir, easy in, easy out, in terms of filling the reservoir, in terms of cleaning the reservoir which is also pretty key. The hydration hose just passes right over the top of the pack. You can run it down either shoulder strap. And there is actually a neat magnetic connection point on the sternum strap that keeps that hose right where you want it. It is not flapping around getting in your way or catching on other things. So just another little smart feature on that hydration system. A lot of organizational features on the Manta 36 which isn’t always key for a hydration pack, but certainly is for a day pack. And, again, you don’t have to sacrifice on either with the Manta. So nice stretch pocket here on the front. It is so sizable, so stretchable. You can put a helmet in there if you choose to. I have just got an extra rain shell tucked away in there. Nice in that regard, because you can reach right in there and get it without having to break open the pack and get all the way into the interior of the pack bag. Lots of organizational features, separated mesh pockets, keys on the key fob in there, a phone in that mesh pocket. It is actually an even larger stuff pocket tucked in behind here when you can put all kinds of extra layers or other gear, compression straps. We will cinch that down and into place when you are not utilizing that feature. And also a nice lined pocket here, kind of ideal of sunglasses, electronics, things of that nature that need just a little bit more protection than the average pocket might. And then just a really large sizable storage pocket, basically the main body of the pack. And another stretch mesh pocket there. So basically pockets here, there and everywhere so you can carry all the gear that you need and keep it organized while having on the go hydration makes the Manta 36 a really smart pack for basically a full day of day hiking.


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