Optimus Elektra FE Cooksystem Video


We are taking a look at the Optimus Elektra FE cook system. You have got a lot of features here for a very budget friendly price. So this is a really great value. In this set you have the Optimus {?} light stove with a bag that you can store that inside. You have the pizo igniter. You obviously have the terra weekend cook set with the pot and the lid. It comes with a windscreen that is really heat efficient so that really cuts down on fuel and you have a nice mesh bag that keeps everything together. The pot and lid are Optimus’ terra weekend cook wear. So the standout feature of this is going to be this heat exchange ring on the bottom. Basically this increases the surface area so you have more even heat distribution. If you can imagine the flame on the bottom of this pot just centered in one area, this heat exchange ring really brings it out and allows you to boil water faster, but have that more even heat distribution there. So the stand out feature. And this is made out of anodized aluminum, so very durable materials there. You have graduated markings here on the pot. It is a 0.9 liter pot, so 800 milliliters. And the thing I really like about the markings is that you can read them from the inside. They are kind of backwards if you read them on the outside, but you can still see them, but this allows you to know exactly how much water you are putting into your pot. You don’t have to kind of pour the water in and then guess kind of where it is from the outside. So if you are making back packing meals, you are measuring water, it makes it really easy to measure water that way. The handles on the side of the pot will fold back and you are able to nest that really well with the pot and the other items in the cook set. It has a nice coating around the outside of the handles there. For one, it feels nice on your hands. It protects your hands from the heat. And this also will just provide extra protection. You don’t have the aluminum handles clanking against the side of the pot, you know, when you have it stored away. So nice feature there. And it just feels really durable. You can see the attachment points there. So it is a nice durable handle, easy to use and there is a pour spout up here. So a small feature there, but when you are pouring boiling water and you don’t want it to spill anywhere, definitely a key feature there. So there is the pot and then the lid, same materials. You have a handle on the lid there. You can use it as a fry pan. I can even see you use this as a cup. But the handle folds back, as well, and has that same coating. So really nice pot system there just to give you an idea of the size, but it nests together very well. So the included stove is the Optimus Crux Light inside its included stuff sack. And this is made out of durable stainless steel materials. So this is how it is kind of packed down and you have three feet. So you have got a two inch diameter burn area right there and what I like about that is where some ultra light back packing stoves they are meant to be ultra compact, ultra light weight, they have a very small burn area. But the flame here, you can see, is a lot wider. So you get more efficient heat that way. And paired with the weekend... Terra Weekend cook set with that, you know, with that heat efficiency ring, it is a really good system for that. If I open this, this is just the heat adjuster and really easy to use, packs down really small. But basically you also get a igniter. It is called a pizo igniter and you are able to light this stove from the side. So it keeps your hands away from the flame. It keeps you from, you know, even lighter or matches, things like that. And it is basically... you just give it a quick there... you have got to turn the stove on, click that on and you are able to light the stove. The Crux Light is a canister stove, so you do have to use fuel canisters with it. And Optimus recommends their Optimus fuel canisters with it. This is a universal fitting here, but that simply screws on to the Crux Light stove. I will mention that the canisters are not sold with this system. So they are sold separately. But basically once you have it attached, we do have a 3.8 ounces or 110 gram fuel canister on there. So this is a pretty small system. It does nest inside of everything really well. But, yeah, once you have got everything together and you basically turn the stove on and light it with the piso igniter. A thing I really like about the adjustment knob here is that you can get a really fine tune adjustment on that, which allows you to be able to simmer if you are not just boiling water, if you are actually cooking with this stove. You are able to turn it down to a pretty low simmer, which I haven’t seen on all other ultra light weight back packing stoves. So, you know, definitely a good system here. And, again, it nests inside of the little included bag. Optimus includes a wind shield here. And this is a recall great feature. Either if you are going to be in colder conditions and you want to have more heat efficiency or, you know, you are battling against wind and you don’t want your stove to go out, this is basically a pretty durable and light weight wind screen right here. So the way you use this, it snaps really well around the canister and around the stove and then you put your pot on top of it afterwards. So just to demonstrate how to use that. You kind of have to open that up a little bit. It has a little bit of give, a little bit of flex to it, but you don’t want to bend it really hard. So you bend it enough so that it snaps over top of the canister there. And you have your nice wind shield. Next you can place your pot on top. So if the wind were coming from this direction over here, you could definitely guard it from that, but you are still able to see the flame. You are still able to adjust it from the other side. So with the included wind screen and the lid, you are able to ... depending on your conditions, you are able to boil water in about three minutes, at almost a liter of water in about three minutes. And this windshield with the lid is... they give about a 20 percent fuel savings and about a 28 percent faster boil time compared to a normal pot with no lid on top and with no windshield there to keep the heat in. So definitely an added value. It is something that you... if you don't think you are going to need it or you want to save the weight, you can definitely leave it at home. We have got everything nested inside of this system here with the included stuff sack over top. And we have got everything in here, the wind screen, the stove, the igniter and the fuel canister. And so everything weighs in right around one pound. Definitely a back packable option for a weekend, for two or one back packers. With the durability, the very durable materials here, the light weight feature, super easy to use and it is just a really great option for that budget friendly back packer. We have got the Optimus Elektra FE Cooksystem.


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