Nomad Adventure Journals Hiking & Camping Journal


Nomad Adventure Journals is a company that makes notebooks as well as covers for them, for folks who like to spend a lot of time in the outdoors. This is their Hiking and Camping journal. As you can see it does come in a durable water resistant case with a durable zippered closure and there is also a small pocket in it for storing pens and pencils. Inside you’ll find more than just blank pages. You’ve got a bunch of pages that look like this, so you’ll have daily entries, hiking information and hiking and backpacking information. The other pages offer a place to make notes on elevation gain and loss, water locations, maybe what sort of wildlife you saw, that sort of thing. There are also blank pages for notes and observations and then you’ll have another daily entry. You’ve got a whole bunch of these in here and Nomad does make replaceable notebooks so when you fill the first one up you can get another one. This is going to be a great item for anybody who camps all the time. Maybe you travel in an RV or maybe you do a lot of car camping. Or if you backpack all the time it’s going to be a great place to have a log or journal about all the places you’ve been and you can mark off which trails were great, which ones were steep, where the best place to go fishing was or where the best place to grab a burger late at night was. All sorts of information is going to fit in here and it’s going to make a nice collection for the next year when it’s time to go outside and start your camping and hiking again.


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