NEMO Tango Duo 30 Double-Wide Slim Video


We are taking a closer look at the NEMO Tango Duo 30 degree double wide slim sleeping bag. This is an ultra light option for backpackers or campers who are looking for a two person sleeping bag or just an extra big sleeping bag that is going to compress down to be very small and just be able to pack into the back country. Now this is rated for two people and this is the slim version. So it is going to fit to a girth of 54 inches and it is going to take sleeping mats up to 20 inches wide. So, you know, definitely great for two backpackers that have 20 inch wide sleeping mats. The stand out feature of this option here is the high quality 700 fill down. And NEMO uses down tech which is just a water resistant coating that is applied to each plume of down. And what is so important about that is as opposed to traditional down, down tech is going to stay drier longer in wet conditions. It is going to dry out faster if it becomes wet. And it is also going to keep you warmer should the sleeping bag become wet. So, you know, it acts a little bit more like a synthetic fiber, but you have that compressible, that light weight feature of down. And, as you can see, you know, it is really lofty, really fluffy and just very comfortable. It is one of the first things I noticed about this option was just the materials that NEMO uses are extremely comfortable. And another interesting feature is down at the foot of the sleeping bag here you have a water resistant or a water proof material. And that is going to just hold up to condensation if the sleeping bag were to rub against the wall of the tent your sleeping bag isn’t going to take on all of that water. To cut down on weight NEMO has introduced a backless design in this sleeping bag. So if I peel the sleeping mat up, you can see the back here. Now we have a NEMO Cosmo sleeping pad in here 20 inches wide, 72 inches long. And this works really well with any of he NEMO Astro or Nemo Cosmo sleeping pads that are 20 inches wide. You can use other sleeping mats that are the same size, but it works best with the NEMO pads. So you can see we have got the pad in there. You have got a sleeve at the bottom. This is an uninsulated sleeve and at the top. So basically the snap here. Basically the two sleeping mats fit into this sleeve here. And once everything is clipped together and once both sleeping pads are inside, they work really well together. NEMO also offers a sheet that wraps around. We don’t have that sheet on it today, but it works really well with this system as well. So you are not laying directly on the sleeping mat. You have a sheet there, which is very, very comfortable. Now with this uninsulated back, some people fear that the sleeping bag or the sleep system isn’t going to be as warm or as thermal efficient as other options. But if you think about it, as you lay on top of a sleeping bag it compresses all of the insulation or all of the down that is in there and doesn’t provide a lot of thermal efficiency anyway. So your sleeping mat is really what is going to provide the thermal efficiency there. With the baffle design, with NEMO, you do have the baffles that come around the underside of the sleeping mat a little bit. So once you have everything, you know, tucked in and tucked away and you put the sleeping bag down, those baffles come around the sleeping mat. So you don’t have drafts coming in, you know, from the sides or anything like that. And also on the top you do have this baffle that goes all the way around the top and around the foot box. So it really keeps the heat in and makes it a really comfortable option. The other thing that I really like about this system is the top section and the blanket as I would call it can be unsnapped here. So, you know, on warmer nights or, you know, in warmer temperature, if you don’t necessarily need to, you know, batten everything down and use this hood, you can use this as basically just a blanket. So, you know, you can use it to vent. You can, you know, kind of snuggle up with it like you would with a blanket at home. So, you know, for me this is a really comfortable option. You have got a nice collar on top here. So kind of like a comforter at home. When this is snapped in, you can really get a nice comfortable fold there. Now you can bring that up as well and just the baffle design in general. You have these smaller box baffles. In a lot of sleeping bags you either see horizontal baffles or vertical baffles, but these small little boxes really keep the down where it is supposed to be. You don’t see a lot of shifting of down and you don’t have, you know, cold spots as well with that. Now we are looking at the slim version of this Tango Duo, so definitely enough room for two back packers. Not a whole lot of sprawling room, but you do have a lot of room in the foot box there so it is not a traditional, you know, mummy style shape. It is more of a rectangle shape there. This fits up to a length of six feet. And so I am about 5’ 6”. I can fit really easily in here. You know, my feet are right down there. So I definitely have lots of room. And, you know, I am sitting on one sleeping mat here. There is another one next to me. So if I just move over there, you can see, you know, kind of how much room there is to move in here, especially with the rectangle style foot box. I have got it packed down into the included stuff sack here and, as you can see, for a 30 degree sleeping bag for two people, this packs down to be pretty small. The included stuff sack has a roll top closure here so you can compress that sleeping bag. But with an actual compression bag, I can see you being able to even compress that a little bit more. You definitely don’t want to store it in a compressed state for a long period of time, but while you are back packing, you know, with that size and with a weight of around two pounds nine ounces certainly a back packable option for two people. As a point of reference, we do have a Cosmo insulated, you know, light sleeping mat that corresponds with the sleeping bag here. So if you have got two of these and one of these you have your sleep system for two people. So light weight, packable, you know, an excellent option. If you know you are going to be in the back country with another person and, you know, you want to snuggle up, it is the NEMO Tango Duo Slim 30 degree sleeping bag.


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