NEMO Galaxi 2P Tent and Footprint Video


I have got the NEMO Galaxi two person tent set up here. And this is an excellent offering from NEMO for two back packers or campers that are looking for a tent that is easy to use, has a lot of features and has a really budget friendly price. It weighs in at a weight definitely that is back package. It is not an ultra light tent by any means, but it is pretty light weight for the price and for the features, but it is an excellent offering for car camping as well. We have got the rain fly on it here. You have got a full coverage rain fly that will protect you from the elements. And as we go through we are going to talk about each little feature and just show you how much of a value there is for this tent. With the rain fly you have got a 68D polyester rip stop fabric. It is seam taped so it is going to keep you dry, a nice durable material there. The zipper into the rain fly you have a nice storm flap in front of that zipper. And this little tag on here, it can be removed after you have purchased the tent, but it has got NEMO’s zipper flap vent which is kind of a nice feature where you can unzip the top portion of the rain fly there. You know, if you don’t want to peel back the rain fly completely, if it is raining just a little bit, but it is getting a little bit muggy, you can open up the rain fly. You have still got protection, you know, right in here, from a light rain, but you have got that ventilation. So you can open it from this side and the other vestibule on the other side. So you have got two doors, to vestibules and they are the same size there. So a nice feature there. Also you have got a cantenary cut here in the rain fly, which is nice, you know, it keeps rain water from, you know, from coming up into the rain fly there. And just some added features there in the rain fly. If I open this one side, you can peel back each side of the rain fly here and attach that for just easy in and easy out. You can also peel back the other side of the rain fly. So you can really open this up if it is a nice day, you want to have a cross ventilation there, you can do that as well. But, you know, nice two vestibules there. And you have also on the rain fly you have got guide out points. So we don’t have these staked out, but it is certainly included with the tent. You can really batten it down if you need to. We have peeled the rain fly off of the tent just to show the tent body and the poles. The poles are a one single hub design so they are all connected. You have got two cross poles here and one kind of ridge line pole that brings the sidewalls of the tent a lot more vertical. So that gives you more livable space inside the tent. But, like I said, it is a hub design. So they are all connected. The poles are a nine millimeter aluminum so you have got a lot of durability there at also a low weight. You have got a lot of mesh in the upper part of the tent and that just provides a lot of breathability for summer conditions. You have two big doors. You have got two zippers here so you are able to open those really easy. Same door on the other side, so easy in, easy out. And one thing that is nice about NEMO’s design here, you have a magnetic clip. So you can literally use this one handed and just clip the door out of the way. So, you know, as you are getting in and out of the tent, you know putting gear in and out, it is really easy to use. When you want to close the door, all you have to do is open it up like that and zip it up. So super easy to use there. It has got a bathtub style floor that is 70D nylon. So a lot of waterproof protection there and a lot of durability. Inside the tent you have a lot of features that make it recall livable for two back packers. Starting with the floor plan you do have an 86 inch... it is 86 inches long by 54 inches wide. So plenty of room for two back packers to store themselves and their gear. A typical sleeping mat is around 20 inches wide, so plenty of room there. You have also got pocketing. You have one big pocket here, same one on the other side. So you get gear up off the ground. And an interesting feature, you have two light pockets on the top of the tent. The fabric actually diffuses the light, so instead of having a beaming light, you have more of a flat light in there, which makes it nice. Another feature you can get a paw print, sold separately, a NEMO paw print, which goes on the inside of your tent and protects the floor. There is snaps on all four corners of the inside, so you can snap that paw print and it makes it really nice. In line with the great value aspect of this tent, it comes with an included foot print. And so a lot of times the foot prints are sold separately, but foot prints really add a lot of value for many different reasons. One, they protect the floor of your tent so any rocks or sticks that might damage the bottom, your footprint is going to protect your tent from that. It protects the tent from ground water as well. And this particular tent it adds value because you can set this up with just the foot print, the poles and the included rain fly for a really light weight set up. So, you notice, I do not have the tent body actually set up inside of here. This is literally jut the foot print, the poles and the rain fly. And this allows you to do a couple of different things. One if you get to camp, you are back packing and you get into camp and it is a down pour, you can set this up really fast and then take your tent body out of your pack and set it up inside of here so that when you actually get in your tent, you know, it is not full of water. Another reason, you can just pack this by itself. You know, if you know the weather is going to be all right and you know that you, you know, don’t necessarily need the body of the tent and want to go a little bit lighter weight, you can set this up as just a really light weight set up. So, again, the included foot print adds a lot of value. I will mention that the foot print is actually quite a bit smaller than the floor of the tent, so, you know, so water from rain and that kind of thing doesn’t build up underneath. So the body of the tent comes out a couple of inches in addition to the size of the foot print. All in all with the attentions to detail, the easy to use features, the included foot print with this tent, you can be confident you are going to have a great time on your next back country adventure. It is the NEMO Galaxi two person tent.


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