NEMO Cosmo Insulated Lite 20R Sleeping Pad


This is the NEMO Cosmo Insulated Lite 20R inflatable sleeping pad, light weight, compact, but a really nice bit of warmth and comfort for three season back packing. You can see the lateral or horizontal baffling here on the Cosmo Insulated Lite. It gives it a much more stable base than you would find on a traditional vertically baffled inflatable sleeping pad. To me those just feel a little bit rafty, a little bouncy. And this is a lot more stable, a lot more consistent as you are laying on it even if you are moving while laying on it. Out of view there is a layer of premaloft insulation in this pad. It makes it warmer than an uninsulated or just a standard inflatable sleeping pad. NEMO doesn’t assign R values, but they have a suggested 15 to 25 degree Fahrenheit temperature range on this pad. So it certainly makes it a solid option for three season use depending on how cold of weather you are venturing out into. You may find that this is also suitable for winter use. There is actually a couple of different valves on the Cosmo Insulated Lite. Got a fairly traditional valve here at the head of the pad. If you were to blow this up by mouth, you know, you could use that. This also comes in handy when you are actually deflating the pad and releasing the air. I am going to pull the pad, however, down to the other end and show you a very different valve and something that really makes the Cosmo Insulated Lite stand out from pads from other brands. You have got a valve here that sits, rests almost flush to the pad itself, a nice board opening here. This is a one way valve, but what you are seeing right here is actually an integrated foot pump. So by opening the valve and standing on this pump you draw air into the pump itself and as your foot comes down it pushes air into the pad. So it keeps you from introducing moisture to the interior of the pad which over time can have ... it can take its toll on the integrity of the pad and shorten its lifespan. So a really nice feature. Also keeps you from having to blow it up at the end of the night if you are up high, you are tired, what have you. You know, it saves you that effort. And, like I said, it also keeps the moisture out of the interior of the pad. Each Cosmo Insulated Lite comes with a compression strap that I have used to roll up the pad, its own stuff sack and a very small repair kit, basically a couple of patches and some adhesive that NEMO includes in case you would run into any issues in the back country. That little kit stuffs into its own pocket and that pocket tucks away on the interior of the stuff sack. Full dimensions of this pad 72 inches long, 20 inches wide, three inches in thickness. When packed away just eight and a half inches long, eight inches long, rather, by four and a half inches wide. Full weight one pound, five ounces. So in the NEMO Cosmo Insulated Lite you have got a light weight, compact, warm and comfortable option for three season back packing.


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