MSR XGK EX Multi-Fuel Stove Video


Today we are talking about the MSR XGK. The XGK is the stove in the MSR line that most closely resembles the very first stove ever created by MSR, which was called the model 9. It is a stove that is designed for high altitude mountaineers. The Idea is that at high altitude there is no water, everything is frozen, so you are regularly melting snow in order to get water. The XGK is best described as a blowtorch turned sideways. It sounds like a freight train when you fire it up as provides more heat output than just about any other stove. The XGK consists of a very thick, very wide fuel line that feeds a bell shaped burner. It was very wide pan wires and feet so that it can be elevated off of the ground slightly and be very stable so even the largest pots filled with the largest amounts of water, snow, or ice, depending on your end use, are going to be stable on top of this. The stove is somewhat compact, though it is one of the bulkier stoves made by MSR, but for its end use it is not designed for that fast and light user. It is designed for expedition use so it is bigger and bulkier, slightly more durable and again, burns hot as can be in order to very quickly melt snow.


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