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We are taking a look at the MSR Talus TR-3 trekking poles. These are an excellent, durable aluminum construction. And you have got a really easy one handed adjustability with these and they are great for a variety of conditions. So we are going to take a closer look at the features. The first thing that struck me about these poles is how compact they are for the weight. They are a telescoping pole. And, as you can see, they compact down to be pretty small. So compared to some of the other poles in this category that have as much durability, they definitely rival in compact size. The second thing that really struck me was the bottom portion of the trekking pole is a fixed length. So what that does is it makes the pole easier and faster to adjust when you want to make minor adjustments as you are hiking. So if I just pull out the bottom section you hear a positive click and basically this bottom section is that fixed length and the top portion of the trekking pole is actually the portion that you are going to be adjusting, as opposed to some other trekking poles where you need to adjust the bottom portion and the top portion to the same length. You have got really easy one handed adjustability with this trekking pole. So we talked about that fixed length at the bottom. So once that is set in place and you are off. You never need to adjust that bottom section. The top section is actually what you would adjust. So this pole, it starts at 105 centimeters and it will adjust up to 130 centimeters. So as you are hiking along... and I will mention, I do have pretty small hands and I can adjust this with one hand, so no problems there. But you can basically... you get a thumb on the very top of the handle and your pinky and ring finger right underneath and you can actually squeeze those two sections together. That releases the inside of this shaft to be able to adjust up and down. So with one hand you can see that I have adjusted it all the way up to 130 centimeters, definitely higher than what I would need. But as I adjust it back down I can adjust it all the way down to 105 centimeters, one handed. I will mention, too, just going back to the grip that if you are using this in the winter when there is a lot of snow or you are snow shoeing and have thick, heavy gloves, the way the grip and the adjustability is designed it is really easy to adjust even with a glove or a mitten. You have got really durable aluminum construction with this pole and that just proves to be the strongest, most durable trekking pole material. Again, with the adjustability you have kind of a button and a hole design with the adjustment points. So it is fixed, you know at 105, 110 going on up with the centimeters. And one fear that people have with a button and hole design is that the shafts of the trekking poles are going to rotate, but the way that this is designed it is actually a triangular shape. It is not completely round. So that prevents the shafts of the poles from rotating and getting those... the button and the hole misaligned. So a really smart design there. You pretty much can’t go wrong when adjusting this pole. Moving up to the strap and the handle, a pretty ergonomic handle design. It feels, you know, it feels nice on my hand. I have pretty small hands and I don’t find the adjustability hard or I don’t find the grip to be too big and really soft strap here with really easy adjustment. You just have Velcro there on the strap to adjust it to your preferred height. There is a very durable carbide tip on the end and this is actually designed in the off chance or the unlikely event that this trekking pole were to get stuck on a rock or to break off, the tip is designed to break before the actual shaft of the trekking pole. So it protects just the durability of the rest of the pole, but this is certainly a replicable piece. So easy to replace that. And connected to the tip is a small basket. You can buy a snow basket separately and that just gets put right on to there. With MSR’s stable, sure lock locking system, the durable aluminum construction and the easy one handed adjustability, you can be confident on your hiking adventures for years to come. It is the MSR Talus TR-3 trekking poles.


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