MSR PocketRocket Backpacking Canister Stove Video


One of the most popular backpacking stoves on the market is the MSR PocketRocket. The PocketRocket is a very lightweight, compact design in a top-mount canister fuel stove. Like with most canister fuel stoves, it is very easy to operate in that you can turn it on and off very quickly from this little switch right here and the ignition or lighting of the burner takes place right at the top of the burner head. Flick of a match, turn of the valve, and you have a nice blue flame. Think of that Bunsen burner that you used back in High School chemistry. Three pan wires, longer pan wires than most stoves have, are going to offer a significant amount of pot support. Other stoves like this will use four different pan wires to provide the same amount of stability and circumference of connection to the bottom of the pot. This stove utilizes only three and therefore is significantly lighter than some of its competition. Also, it uses very small clip on the top of the stove. This is a wind clip and is designed to go right over top of that burner and allow better performance of this stove in windy conditions. So this a way that MSR has found to combat some of the wind. Regardless of where you position this and what direction the wind is coming from, two thirds of the burner will still be functioning at full capacity while one third may be affected by a sideways wind. The PocketRocket comes with a great little plastic case to protect it and help you carry it and store it. However, because of its lightweight design many users have found that it is easier to leave this at home. With the optional MSR Titanium Kettle, they found that they can take a 4oz. fuel canister, as well as the PocketRocket and the can efficiently and neatly nest those inside of that canister to have a fuel canister, stove, and cook pot that weighs in at under 10oz. So that the PocketRocket; lightweight, economical, and easy to use.


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