MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter


MSR’s best selling water treatment device is the MiniWorks water filter. MiniWorks EX uses ceramic technology to provide a filter media that is extremely long lived, easy to clean, and functional. It provides adequate flow rates and removes everything from the smallest bacteria to the largest protozoa. It will not remove viruses. The MiniWorks operates with a very simple lever action handle to provide some mechanical advantage and it answers the question “where do I get a third hand?” by enabling you to screw anything with a standard large bead thread, like an MSR hydromedary bag or a standard Nalgene bottle, right to the bottom of the filter. There is a full pre filter and float that can just be dropped into water and then very simply and easily, with a couple priming strokes, you can start the flow of water by using the lever action handle. The MiniWorks is not the fastest filter but it is the most effective, getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 liter per minute. There is about a 2000 liter life expectancy on the ceramic cartridge so after repeated cleanings it is going to continue to work for you providing that same 1 liter per minute flow rate that it did the day you got it out of the box. As with all MSR water filters, the MiniWorks is a cleanable filter media. That is important so that you can restore that flow rate as it starts to clog. Let’s face it, as you use a filter if it’s not clogging, it’s not working. So you want to have the ability with any of your water treatment devices to clean the surface of the media. The way you clean the MiniWorks is simply by taking out the ceramic cartridge, scrub the surface with the provided 3m scotchbrite pad, rinse it off, and put it back in the filter. As you use the filter over time you will wear away that filter wall, so we include a caliper so that you can take a measurement at 3 or 4 locations across the filter media to see if the caliper fits over. The day that this fits over is the day that you need to start looking for a new filter media. That is going to be somewhere around 2000 liters with average dirty water and for the average user 2000 liters is more than a lifetime.


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