MSR HyperFlow Microfilter


The newest filter media that is being used by MSR is called Hollow Fiber technology. Hollow fiber is basically what the name sounds like. Hundreds of little hollow fibers that have a porous wall are folded over and potted at one end. When water is forced in over the folded end, it has to pass through the wall of the porous fiber so that the clean water can flow from the inside of the tube, out of the potted end and out of the clean spout. MSR is using this in three different filter mechanisms, most notably in the HyperFlow water filter, which was the Backpackers Editors Choice Award winning filter. This filter is very lightweight, weighing in at about 7 oz. which is almost one third to one half lighter than its next closest competitor. It is an extremely fast filter that can pump at rates of up to 3 liter per minute. To keep up with that high flow rate, it comes with a very large pre filter which also serves as a means of wrapping up and storing the filter hose and filters itself. Like all of MSR’s filters, we aim for the easiest ergonomic use so we really try to have this interface with the water carrying device as best we can. As you have seen for years with the MSR MiniWorks which mounts right to the top of a Nalgene bottle, MSR took that to the next level by adding a lid that not only has a bayonet fitting so that the HyperFlow will attach to your bottle, but it also allows you to detach the filter and use the lid as a closure spout for a drinking top. This connects very simply and easily, and as I was saying earlier, with very easy strokes this filter pumps at a rate of about 3 liters per minute with perfect water. So you can see that just in the matter of a couple pump strokes, without working too hard or really not elevating my heart rate at all, I have got about a half a liter in less than 30 seconds. You can pump very quickly if you want to with this filter. It is also a back flushable, cleanable filter like all other MSR filters. Simply taking this filter apart and reversing two of the valves that are in it will enable you to pump water backwards through the filter and clean any of the dirt and bacteria that has collected on the outside of that filter media off and restoring your flow rates back to where they were from the very beginning.


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