MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent Video


This is the MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent. MSR launched their Hubba series to much acclaim several years ago and kind of the first company to really do a great job with that really light weight, but still spacious backpacking tent. The latest version in that series is even lighter than it was before, but just as livable, in fact, maybe more livable. As you can see, we have taken the rain fly off of the Hubba Hubba NX to give you a better view of the tent itself. Before I go into greater detail there, let’s talk about that rain fly. So you have got a 20 D nylon rip stop. It is a PU coated fabric, taped seams, so great weather protection for this tent. That rain fly also creates dual vestibules. So over the front of each of these sizable doors—I have got an identical one behind me here on the other side wall—you have got external storage space. Combined you have got 17 and a half square feet of external storage space of packs, for muddy boots. Inside the tent you have got 29 square feet of space, pretty ample for a light weight two person backpacking tent. The dimensions that get you to that space: 84 inches long, 50 inches wide. Again, exceed a lot of what you are seeing out there in light weight backpacking tent options. Great livability inside this tent. It is a term that is hard to define, but what I am getting at is there all kinds of space inside this tent, more than just the obvious at the floor dimensions. The tent utilizes DAC feather light NFL aluminum poles. So you are looking at high quality, extremely light weight aluminum poles. It looks like we have got a lot of poles in play here, but it is really just a single hub hole system, which creates also the brow pole over head. What that brow pole is doing is really extending what is a 39 inch peak height at the center of this tent. It is giving verticality to the tent walls that open up all this space up high, up off the floor that isn’t present in a lot of back packing tents that all the walls kind of lean to the center and the only space you have got is dead center in the middle of the tent. Not the case here on the Hubba Hubba NX. Lots of room to go in and out, zippered doors that can obviously be clipped back to let air flow through the tent. You have got mesh on the ceiling. You have got mesh on the side walls. Also some mesh pockets here on the side of the tent to get some other gear up off the floor and out of the way which just enhances the livability that much more. We talked about the weather protection provided by the rain fly, but I should certainly also make mention of the floor. Got a 30 D fabrication here so a more durable fabric than is used in other places on the tent. It makes sense. It is coming into contact with the ground and you are putting weight on top of it. So MSR is a counter for that with some greater durability. There is also a higher level of weather protection in that there is a 3000 millimeter PU coating on the floor. So you can be pretty confident you have got the protection you need there. Bathtub style cut to this floor. So you can se the seams are raised. It actually pulls the floor up off the ground a bit and helps to keep water from entering the tent. If you had the seams closer to the ground and opening to the ground you could have some potential there. If you are looking for a little extra protection MSR does separately sell the Hubba Hubba NX footprint. So it is custom fit beneath the tent, basically a second layer of this same fabrication which bolsters durability. It also enables you to use the rain fly, the poles and just the foot print as an ultra light weight shelter so you could actually leave the tent body behind if weather conditions allowed you to do that. So know that that is available. One other accessory worth thinking about, the MSR gear shed can be attached to one of the two doors to really, really increase the external storage space available. So bike tours, folks who just know they have got a lot of gear that they need protection from can think about adding that as well. MSR packs in a lot of additional value with the Hubba Hubba NX 10. They include their mini groundhog stakes, definitely a higher quality than the norm stake. Very light weight, very durable aluminum stakes. You have got reflective guidelines, extra reflective guidelines. So should you need to tie off the tent, you have got some cord to do so. And that reflectivity is nice at night as you are moving around the camp site or where you have set up the tent. They throw in a couple of extra cord tensioners. When you are actually tying out the tent, it is nice to make it nice and taut and get any extra play out of the cord. These are surprisingly helpful. They also throw in a splint. Sometimes things happen in back country. You may break poles and it may be a significant enough break that you are looking at replacement poles. Sadly that happens. This splint actually keeps that from ruining your trip. You can kind of splice poles at least long enough to get you out of the back country. On the interior stitched into the interior are really simple, really clean instructions for setting up the tent. You don’t get that with every tent out there on the market. And when you do it is often kind of loose, almost thrown in there after the fact. And you may very well lose it. You don’t lose track of it here on the Hubba Hubba NX because it is stitched in place. Closing that flap, tucking it underneath, you will see that there are actual straps that run over the face of the stuff sack as compression style stuff sack that lets you cinch this down to a nice 18 inch by six inch package that really makes the tent ideal as a three season backpacking option. So you can see why the combination of light weight durable construction, maximum livability and packability make these Hubba tents such a favorite amongst three seasons backpackers. The Hubba Hubba NX, great for two, super roomy for one and still light enough for consideration as a solo backpacking tent.


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